The Art of War in MMORPGs

By Sieg

Sun Tzu, probably the greatest military strategist of all time, wrote a compilation of war knowledge sometime between 500 to 300 B.C. Although most of its content may seem common knowledge to war veterans nowadays, it’s no surprise that his work, The Art of War, became one of the oldest and most sought after books until now. Many people swear by the infallibility of the warfare wisdom it imparts. Heck, even Paris Hilton is a fan. Numerous translations and interpretations have been published over time to tailor fit the needs of a genre, like business, politics and even gaming. The Art of War, divided into 13 elaborate chapters, deals with different areas of warfare that must be taken into close consideration and scrutiny if one must go to war. Even the digital battlefield can learn a thing or two from this tome of ancient knowledge.

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