The Wheel of Fortune: Endless Nightmare of Demon Rising

In this season, we will travel to 2 long forgotten worlds, far away from Cronus’ civilization. Years have passed, and people have begun to ignore the dangerous creatures that still exist in those kingdoms. It is time to begin a deeper exploration of these strange lands. Warriors of Cronus, are you ready?
1.Misty Crags
2.Dracula Manor
Game Information:
Eudemons Online is a free-to-play 2D fantasy MMO developed by TQ Digial. It features a unique pet system, with witch players can hatch, raise, train and even compose their own ‘Eudemons’ to aid them in battle. Players can have up to two Eudemons at once with them and with over 30 unique Eudemons in the game, the possibilities are vast!

Developer: TQ Digital Entertainment
Genre: Fantasy
Category: Free MMORPG
Platform: Windows

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