AtomicGamer: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Q&A With Beenox Creative Director Thomas Wilson

AtomicGamer writes: "Before last year's Batman: Arkham Asylum took a batarang to previous perceptions about superhero games, the genre was generally considered sub-par. But among the best of the merely average were Activision's Spider-man titles. Delivering satisfying web-slinging, acrobatic combat, and a wide-open New York City to swing through, the games managed a decent job of putting players under the spandex. That said, the quality of Spidey games has been in slow but steady decline since last-gen's Spider-man 2. In an effort to bring back Peter Parker's great power (and the responsibility that comes with it), developer Beenox is taking the reigns of the series, and giving gamers not one, but four unique Spidey characters and worlds in Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions".

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