AtomicGamer: Crysis 2 Interview With Executive Producer Nathan Camarillo

AtomicGamer writes: "Crytek's groundbreaking shooter series is moving out of the jungle and into New York City. But even more exciting, the franchise that famously ate high-end PC rigs for breakfast is going multi-platform, so 360 and PS3 owners can finally find out what all the fuss is about. We recently sat with Executive Producer Nathan Camarillo to discuss the challenges behind bringing Crysis 2 to the Big Apple and onto consoles".

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''AG: Can Xbox 360 and PS3 owners expect the same Crysis 2 experience than owners of tweaked PC rigs?''

'' There might be some minor differentiation in console versus PC, but our goal is to deliver the best experience possible on each respective platform. If you're playing PC, you'll get the best PC gaming experience you can; if you're playing console, you're going to get the best possible experience for that platform. There may be differences, but no one should feel robbed or cheated. We'll deliver the best experience to all players, and certainly the core game will be the same.''

There you go.