Zelda II: The FPS is Totally a Real Thing writes: "Some lonely guy remade the first chapter of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link as a 3D FPS game... for free, in-browser, on your PC. Now you have no reason to actually work while you're at work ever again."

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themizarkshow2971d ago

Well, there goes my freetime for the day.

Montrealien2971d ago

no sh*t, this is, incredible.

ChozenWoan2971d ago

wii need more remakes like this.

GodsHand2970d ago

Pretty neat, too bad it's not the entire game. I never played it on the NES, but I did get my copy on the gamecube with I got Wind waker. I must admit I liked it very much, and regret passing it by back in the day due to the fact I did not much enjoy the first one. It comes in 2nd on my favorite list Zelda franchise because A Link to the Past holds the number one spot for me.

naznatips2971d ago

Man I bet you this plays WAY better than the actual Zelda 2.

Montrealien2971d ago

yeah well, I was 10 when Zelda 2 came out and it is to this day one of the best games ever. All the internet hipsters think it is cool to hate on it though.

jessfams2971d ago

I love this! So much for doing productive things with my time off.

Braineater24482971d ago

Words dont describe how awesome this is. Thank you gamrFeed.

MaxwellGT20002971d ago

Finally a way I can stand to play Zelda II :-P

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The story is too old to be commented.