Wii RPG scans: Xenoblade, Last Story new looks

Recent magazines are giving us new looks at two RPGs that Wii gamers are hoping will be true greats, The Last Story and Xenoblade.

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darkcharizard2971d ago

Especially Xenoblade! Wii gets some great games this year! I mean we already got TvC.. then Red Steel 2.. then MH3.. then Sin and Punishment 2.. then SMG 2! Now Metroid:OM, Pikmin 3, Zelda, Dragon Quest X, Xenoblade & Last Story are on their way. Lets not forget Retro Studios' secret project, and the much anticipated game of and old franchise such as F-Zero, Donkey Kong, Starfox! Plus there's Vitality sensor software! I won't say that I can go on and on, because i can't. But there's enough to keep us Wii owners occupied. I love it!

imoutofthecontest2971d ago

There's that Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road game too. I wonder if that will come out in English. It's prettu niche, even for DQ, so I could kinda see it going either way....

darkcharizard2971d ago

Yeah, i really wish that comes out here in the US! The controller for that game looks really cool!
And i forgot to mention that No More Heroes 2 also came out this year, and EPIC MICKEY is due for release! I'm so damn excited!