EA Sports Active 2.0 Gets Physical With a Trademark Suit

Fresh off of a study that "proved" that the fitness software will actually improve your health, EA Sports' Active franchise has been hit with a trademark lawsuit. More specifically, the suit is against the most recent addition to the product line, EA Sports Active 2.0. EA intends to release the sequel later this year for PlayStation 3, Wii, and iPhone.

According to court documents, sports-centric web portal The Active Network is saying the title will infringe on their existing trademark. The company says it owns the rights to the word “Active” in tandom with "providing information regarding the scheduling of participatory sports and recreational activities and sporting events; sports training services, namely, providing personal training schedules and programs." The company has used the term since 1999, and received a trademark in 2008.

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FantasyStar2993d ago

And people thought the Lawsuits against Sony was considered "money-grubbing". This is money-grubbing at its finest: suing over the use of a WORD.