EA’s Elite May Suffer a Premature Death Due to 2K11 & Jordan

PS Unlimited Writes: Having his Airness, Michael Jordan, featured in 2k Sports next NBA installment may spell imminent doom for EA’s attempt at rejuvenating their own franchise.

As we all know, the aforementioned is true. Michael Jordan will be featured on the cover of NBA 2K11. Not to mention, he will very much be playable within the game . So what does this all mean for EA? Take the following into perspective:

If LeBron James is to Solid Snake as Kobe Bryant is to Liquid Snake, then Michael Jordan would be Big Boss of the NBA .

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Jamegohanssj52999d ago

I lol'ed at the title.


mikeslemonade2999d ago

There should be no excuse on how these games continue to not live up. Yep, i'm including both EA AND 2k. 2k is good but that's it. 2k is like Madden. Only good but not great or amazing.

These developers get payed so much but fail every year. How the hell!?

FragGen2995d ago

Only if Jordan cojntinues to rock his "Hitler mustache" from the recent Hane's commercials.

BigKev452999d ago

EA just needs to stop making basketball games.

man0fsteel2999d ago

i don't know why i bought NBA LIVE 10 last year...

kingdavid2999d ago

Yup 2k knew when to stop making NFL games.

Time for EA to follow shop with basketball. They are always inferior to the 2k games.

man0fsteel2999d ago

2k got screwed out of making NFL games when EA claimed an exclusive rights contract... thus canceling out any competition

knight6262999d ago

looks like u never played a NFL 2k game it was way better then madden and it was cheaper to buy it used to be around $20 and madden $50 big difference EA just trying to make a monopoly in the gaming industry thats why they trying to kill all competition

Biggest2999d ago

You seriously don't know what you're talking about. The NFL2K series was the cream of the crop. NFL2K5 is STILL the best NFL game ever made. EA got lucky with the NFL license. Madden has always had horrible animations, horrible simulation, and horrible gameplay. Any game where your fastest player, usually a cornerback, is also your best quarterback is a crap football game. Back to the topic at hand...

NBA2K11 was going to be better than Live/Elite with or without Jordan. But he makes it even worse for EA.

authentic242999d ago

was only great in presentation overall gameplay was suspect. madden 05 was better in overall gameplay. 2k5 however is better than every madden that came after. Madden hasn't gotten back to its 05 status yet.

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feelintheflow2999d ago

Jordan and Barkley were too big headed to be in some of the nba games when they were in their prime, so I don't care if an old guy that played 2 too many years in the nba is now in the game. Just give me a good game and I don't care who is on the cover, or what old guys are in the game.

RememberThe3572999d ago

Oh, hell no...

MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time. His clout he has earned.

feelintheflow2999d ago

There was a run of nba games that didn't have jordan or barkley and a few others. They wanted more money than anyone else, and the players association split the proceeds evenly. I guess 30 million a year wasn't enough. He was the greatest player I ever saw, and Barkley was my favorite player back then, but I thought it was punk @ss to not allow your name in an nba game. Without the nba where would he or barkley be? They probably wouldn't have the money or fame to party in vegas and cheat on their wives like they did for the past 15+ years.

authentic242999d ago

you are supposed to market yourself that way you earn more money. It wasn't about being bigger than the game at all he bought his own rights because he had the opportunity to. Otherwise he isn't fully in charge of his own likeness. Watch some interviews where he talks about other great players. He doesn't think he's bigger than the game at all.

iceman062998d ago

Michael Jordan was NOT being a punk @ss as you put it. He was setting his himself up as a brand! Lending his name and likeness wasn't the was the Jordan name (or brand) that was the issue. Jordan is the top earning NBA player of all time. But, most of his money didn't come from his contracts. It came from his business and endorsements. His line of shoes, athletic wear, and suits far out earned his contracts. It can be argued that he really wasn't paid for his true worth until his final contract with Washington (compared to KG's $100+ contract out of high school). I, too, hated trying to create a reasonable facsimile of MJ in each and every game. But, I understand now that sports and business go hand in hand. MJ sought to end the control of the NBA over him, just because he plays for their league. What's wrong with that? He set a precedent so that all players can control what is done with their names and likenesses. Look at the NFLPA vs. AP2K8 situation. If there was no player control, then the NFLPA would have simply divided the cash from that game "evenly" across the NFL...even though the game didn't include ANY present NFL players.

kunark2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

dude 2k5 still owns madden to this day i down load new rosters and frachise mods cause its way better then crapmadden ea didnt want ot get blown away by 2k football games so they bought up the nfl rights witch stops all companys from making a football game and that totally sucks for the costomer


So it looks like 2k won the battle on being the best basketball simulator to date, thus forcing E.A. to re-brand the franchise. *note* This is what would have happened to Madden if E.A. did not buy exclusive rights to NFL games, because nfl 2k would have stolen the show just as NBA 2k has done from LIVE.

Can you imagine if E.A. would have bought the rights to NBA games as well???? Eewwwww!!!

saint_john_paul_ii2999d ago

Imagine MLB games as well...

No MLB the Show...

Thankfully that never happened...

badz1492999d ago

if any party especially EA try to buy their way to monopoly the license, there'll be a HUGE RAGE! NFL exclusive license SUCKS because there's no competition in that part of the market for EA and they are making buckload of cash every year with little innovations and improvements every year! every iteration is more like a roster updates! I hope they don't fvck up their FIFA as well!

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