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ReconHope4137d ago

^_^. Next-Gen Gaming Rocks!!

Omegasyde4137d ago

Yea they almost look like computer animated graphics (CGI).

I do suspect though PGR4 did have some pre rendered scenes in it.. I.e. The begining bike and the end bike. The first one has extra animation has way more parts showing vs. the end bike being real basic.

It still looks good though but I think burnout paradise and Midnight club 4(?) will outsell all of these.

kingofps34137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

...only on the PLAYSTATION 3.

risk4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

while i know pgr4 is aimed at being arcad-ish... i found it weird that on bikes the back brake is on the right hand foot (heel) and hes doing a power slide...i wonder how hes keeping his balance..i dunno i stopped liking those kinda games at 15 :/

-edit i also think the maker of this video shouldve used the trailers for all the games (talking about FM2 being a replay)

IvIoss4137d ago

Please STFU. i hate you and everyone else that ruins this site with fanboyism.

gamehead4137d ago

why diagree with kingofps3. GT looks significantly better than forza and PGR4. this is just fact and it really shows since GT5 goes 1st. They are all great but in comparison to GT5 greatness falls to meh!

TECHNOshamanism4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

i hate to break it to you 'fandroids' but they call the gt video prologue for a reason , that being thats its the opening movie of the game and not an actual in-game replay of a race, both Forza and PGR showed real ingame. And yes if you pay attention to the overhead view in the gt part you will notice that they still use 2d trees.

nasim4136d ago

clearly GT5 is leaps and bounds better than Forza 2/PGR4 with pastic cars

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sonarus4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

haha seriously nice description. I will approve this even though i believe this is absolutely unfair. GT is the greatest racin sim of all time(at least on consoles) period. Forza and PGR try but just arent there yet. You should have probably put the GT video last cause now it just makes forza look like crap. Not saying it is crap but after GT 5 forza just dosent look good any more

Vfor54136d ago

Forza 2 is the best racing game, not GT. Forza might not have the graphics that GT does but it sure has good gameplay.

MoonDust4137d ago

It's not really a comparison. Playing three trailers, one after the other. I say wait until all three are out and then compare them with the same car on Nurburgring under the same weather and maybe some split screen. Gametrailers will probably do one of their comparisons later on when all games are out.

TnS4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

I wanted to report this for exactly the same reason... This is not comparison.
Oh, I just noticed that the video is uploaded by supnub5, who also submitted it here.

cityofgod4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

no comparison they all look great except GT5 is more realistic. GT is the omnipotent racing game. Im crossing my fingers for online play this time around

yeah of course and gameplay except if u wanna argue about car damage, GT is the real driving simulator

MoonDust4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

You talking about looks, right?

Art of Motion4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

Limited performance tuning, unrealistic understeer and oversteer and that includes the the UNREALISTIC oversteer snap you would get in any car, no visual tuning, 100 different types of skyline, but hardly any good super cars, no tire smoke, no tire marks on track, no sense of speed (thats a fact), crap A.I, unrealistic tirewear. Thats sums up the Gran turismo series for what it is, and people really think, i should say droids. That GT5 will be any different hahahaha Keep dreaming. GTR2 and Forza 2 are the only TRUE driving sims out there.

gamehead4137d ago

We have had this argument time and time again. JUST BECAUSE A RACER HAS DAMAGE DOSENT JUST QUALIFY IT TO BE REAL. Like it or not visuals play a significant part in the realism factor as well. GT didnt have the best A.I. i won't lie about that but this will be improved in GT 5 prologue. All thats left is damage and just like you probably won't substitute your forza for not having visuals up to par with GT i won't substitute GT for something as trite as car damage. When i play GT i don't cheat and drive on walls i drive on the road and don't hit cars so the lack of damage dosent really affect me. Like it or not the only thing forza has on GT is damage period everything else GT totally kills forza

i Shank u4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

DUde the cars in GT drive like they have saggy titties. it is fun tho.

PGR4 wins me over out of the 3, looks like the most fun, with the insane weather system where puddles and snow etc. affect the race, motor cycles are racing cars, and you can do stunts on the bikes. sweet

clownfacemcgee4137d ago

GT:HD has a lot of options to adjust like tire tread, or Automatic Stability Control. (which most modern cars have) It's realistic in more than just graphics.


GTR2 is an apart case. They just see it as official, cause FIA told so... More people spread this out with never had really played the game... It's good, for sure, but not "real" drive simulator as most people wold expect from a FIA-signed game, it's not like go with a real car.

About Forza 2, you can't compare driving with the last GT (GTHD), cause it's not a new-gen game, but a hi-def version of one race track and some few cars of GT4 on even the same engine, with very little mods. For told that driving is better in Forza 2 than in a GT, everybody will have to wait 'till a new-gen GT, most right if wait for GT5 full version, but I think that Prologue will be enough to let us get a better idea of this "what game drives best" thing.

Anyway, even if Forza gets more real driving than GT, that don't really matter. If be that real would be so important, Enthusia could be more famous than those 2 games in the last-gen. Too real, could be frustrating, that is a ideal measure, when it's comfortable to play, in the wheel as in the joypad. That must be considered.

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MannyHarlem1414137d ago

I had no Idea GT5: Prologue looked so good, it's the best looking of the bunch. It seems polyphony was able to maintained that remarkable photo-realism with more than 1 cars on track...

PGR4 looks sick because of the dynamic weather (reminds me of formula 1) and those freakin' bikes!!.. wish GT had bikes, but it has formula 1 cars

Forza can't contend with the big guns of Racing

Lord Anubis4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

ok you are going to have to give me a bubble because I just waisted one of my two bubbles to prove something to you. :P

Although true Gran Turismo fans don't want bikes in GT they want the game to stick the simulation.
look at the image below lad.

///////////////////////////// /////

For me, although PGR4 looks nice I give it to Gran Turismo 5 prologue because by far has the best graphics.

1920 x 1080 resolution at 60 frames per second.

Damage will be in GT5 and Kaz has talked about physics since the very beginning before GT5 was known as Gran Turismo Vision.

Kaz even hinted at user created content for the game. Like spolers hoods and stuff the user could do along side companies that wanted to create content for the player.


the first scene on the first GT5 prologue trailer is the same as the on e in GT4 but in [email protected] its real time, a lot of people thought it was CGI but it was revealed it was the same from GT4 at the PlayStation Premier.