Get your Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Bundle Now

To celebrate the release of Resurgence Pack on the Xbox 360, Gamestop is offering a bundle that includes not only the Modern Warfare 2 game but also a 1600 Microsoft Points as well.

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MattyF2970d ago

That's a decent package.

PRHB HYBRiiD2970d ago

2400 points and ill take it...

MightyMark4272970d ago

It's not bad.. I'll get it if i dont have MW2

PS360PCROCKS2970d ago

No thanks...I wouldn't play MW2 if they gave it to me free. I started the petition and to this day I stand by it, I could care less about this game. Not a bad deal, I just don't care for the game.

waterboy2970d ago

tetris for 60 dollars used with your wack taste in games

CommonCent2970d ago

Hey I actually bought the game, I used to like it, now I hate it. I just wish I didn't buy into the hype. The game just got progressively worse with every patch imho.
Oh I bought the first map pack like a shmuck.

PS360PCROCKS2970d ago

You're a dumbass, simply put. "Your wack taste in games" No my taste doesn't include buying a rehashed game with an awful story from a company that says we want to: Charge more, no dedicated servers, ups the price on PC and in the UK and CLEARLY cannot code worth a sh*t, look at the online debacle!! I bought Bioshock 2, Ass creed 2, UC2, KZ2, GOW 3, Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead redemption in the past few months. None of those are "wack"

waterboy2970d ago

which i traded in less than a month your taste is wack

PS360PCROCKS2970d ago

Dude I COULD comment back with a rebuttle and make you feel better. Know what's better? Not acknowledging how moronic you truly are. Your that new kind of gamer, the 12 year old who thinks sales=quality. AWESOME dude, enjoy COD 47 with the rest of the mindless fools.

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