NBA 2k11 Commercial

2k sports has posted a commercial for NBA 2k11 that just aired before the 1st game of the NBA Finals. Jordan is present in the commercial.

Note: This is confirmed to be NBA 2k10 footage...

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MikeTyson3029d ago

So they're just going to throw MJ on the Bulls? Or is he going to have something like "90s Bulls" team..

Chubear3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

same thing... year after year after year after year :(

Sports games really need to take a step in advancement already. It's been 10yrs over due in my book.

I think what Sony was trying to do with story mode in sports games like their NBA: The Life was the right direction just the gameplay mechanics didn't match up and thus it fell to the side but I still think that's the next logical step for sports gaming.

IF sports games had a really great story mode, many people that weren't into sports probable would cause now, it's really about the gaming culture and not just sports gaming genre.

Sports genre needs to evolve. It's gotten wayyyyy too stale.

mikeslemonade3029d ago

Looks like the same shot they took from 2k10 when Dwayne Wade grabs the rim before the tip-off. 2k basketball is the best series out right now and it's a sim so i'm going to buy it unless Sony brings back the revamped NBA The Show.

knight6263029d ago

they use old footage to just announce the game is coming out no worries game will look better when it comes out

and doesnt matter on how nba 2k11 looks beacuse it already looks way better than NBA live or elite what ever is been called


I didn't see MJ in this video.

Kevin263853029d ago

Pause at :26 He is shown dunking.

shadow27973029d ago

It's very hard to freeze it on YouTube, but Kev5890 is right. It's the second to last image. Which, in my opinion, is horrible advertising. MJ is the cover athlete and a huge deal. If you're going to go with this approach (I probably wouldn't), at least show him dunking from a better angle and slow it down so everyone can see who it is. 3 frames is not enough.

bunfighterii3029d ago

That could be anyone...

This is is from 2K10...

CYCLEGAMER3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

If I have to do all of that to see a glimpse of him...he might as well not be in it.

Edit* Wait that is not Jordan let me tell you how..............look at the top of this page above the actual video. It clearly says that footage in this video is from NBA 2K10 and Jordan is not in that there ya go!!

Elwenil3029d ago

Someone please explain to me the reasoning behind the "2K11". I fully understand using "2K" as an abbreviation of "2000", but ""2K11" is not an abbreviation for anything since it takes just as many characters and simple typing out "2011". Foolishness.

bunfighterii3029d ago

Because the studio is called '2K'....

Elwenil3029d ago

I thought of that but it still seemed like a gimmick to me. Eh, to each his own.

Raptura3029d ago

I hate that to be honest. I think they need a makeover and rethink the name. I hate the logo as well.

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