Are you gonna finish that?

New Game Network editorial: "A game is perhaps one of the few things that many of us never end up sticking with to its completion. We’ll finish a meal until we’re satisfied or unable to cram another sweet piece of cake into our already bursting gullets. You don’t go into a restaurant and pay for a three course meal but then decide as they are bringing out the dessert you don’t want it. You eat the dessert. You don’t run out of the place with your hands clamped over your ears whilst blindly knocking over the waiter in a panic."

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tdogchristy902884d ago

Dead Space is the one game in my whole collection I haven't finished....I try and just can't. Maybe when it gets closer to dead space 2 and I need to finish it for the sequals release I'll finally do it. But as right now it's hard to swallow.