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Valay2996d ago

Looks like Galaxy 2's release had very little impact on Wii hardware sales.

Mo0eY2996d ago

Wii is starting to saturate.

And LOL - when will the Xbox 360 break past 6,000? Anyone?

SOAD2996d ago

Yeah, but despite that, it's still selling about as well as the PS3, which is in huge demand right now.

Michael-Jackson2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Mario fans (Galaxy 1 and NSMB) already have a Wii, so it should have little impact on Wii sales.

joel_c172996d ago

One of the few intelligent posts I've seen in a while! Bubbles for u

MexicanAppleThief2996d ago

Numbers this weeks:

PSP – 25,054
PS3 – 20,987
Wii – 20,476
DSi LL – 16,267
DSi – 10,324
Xbox 360 – 3,546
DS Lite – 2,961
PS2 – 1,463
PSP go – 1,232

Numbers last week:

PSP – 22,462
PS3 – 19,075
Wii – 18,465
DSi LL – 14,108
DSi – 9,356
Xbox 360 – 4,656
DS Lite – 2,681
PS2 – 1,175
PSP go – 851

Sunny_D2996d ago

How did you know? :D Wow, PS3 and wii are neck and neck!

sikbeta2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

PSP on top followed by the PS3, this month was really "slow", Next Month Will Put those Numbers in shame...

Imperator2996d ago


And the SMG2 just released so that really says a lot about the PS3. It's going strong.

ClownBelt2996d ago

The 1000 boost in 360 sales was from the Alan Wake game it seems.

patterson2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

PS3 numbers went up from last week.
360 numbers went down.
Life is good.

Tony-A2996d ago

PSP is really loved over there! I want my PSP back soo bad :(

But if Sony announces a PSP2 at E3, I'll be saving up for that. Two analog sticks better be on that thing. Just imagine the dramatic improvements that can be made. FPS games could actually be fun on it!

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