Will Sev Turn To The Dark Side?

Recently a short trailer for Killzone 3 was revealed and the gaming world is set ablaze with the raging fires of Helghan. After watching the trailer for a few minutes I decided to do a quick analysis and have come to some pretty interesting topics of discussion. Check out the video below for more details.

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talltony3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

That is another possibility. I mean it as been said that the helghast are human too just different.

NYPunk883031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

@pxpxp does the awesome side have happy white fluffy clouds?

If he was joining their side why would he need to kill a helghast and steal his helmet?

Rumor3031d ago

examining the way Sev sat on the stairs at the end of KZ2, he looked a little pissed about what Rico did, and he probly let what Visari said get to his head. now he's gonna rebel on isa and become Helghasts new leader.

CrimsonFox133031d ago

I don't think that's what that's indicating. The developers said they took inspiration from Inglourious Basterds, that makes me think he's just going undercover, if the teaser really is teasing that. Still, could be a possibility, since if you read up on the backstory the Helghast were the ones who were wronged in the first place; but I'd think Sev would have learned that in school... It'd have to be another reason than that, unless it was all kept hush-hush by the gov't.

Chubear3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

At the end, Sev is on a mountain of Helgast. I just thought it was the same mr badass scene we've seen many times b4 but then I thought..

maybe it's an indication of Horde Mode for online MP.

But the author of the article is right though, maybe we may get to play on the side of the Helgast via a turn coat Sev

Will-UK3031d ago

maybe this is like a initiation process to become helghast leader he has to show his strength but i did hear that now 2 helghast generals are fighting for control.

cmrbe3031d ago

are very much like the situation the Germans were in the turn of the 20th century. Really bad luck and with crazy leaders.

If you guys read the KZ backdrop story you will realise that there is no black and white in KZ. Alot of grey (no pun intended).

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cyborg69713031d ago

He should turn to the brown side, and mess it all up. And after smoke a cig.

captain-obvious3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

I think they should make a sequel or a prequel that's all about helgan and the helgast

why ?
because TBH they are the best enemies in all FPS games i know
they got that character that just feels spot on

HQLocated1113031d ago

Hopefully Sev does defect to helghan so we can finally kill that bastard Rico. He's a bastard, you know that!?

raztad3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

I read somewhere (an interview actually) after a very important leader death, two different helghan groups emerge and fight for control. Sev is probably joining one of the sides. Judging by the beard he has been quite a long time in that planet and considering KZ3 starts exactly where the second ended I would say he will be in contact with helgans in order to survive.

I dont know, but there are so much that can be happening. There is a hell of a story going on in this universe.

Silver_Faux3031d ago

If you go onto the kz2 website and read up on the whole kz story. The helgahst arent all that bad. The ISA are just pawns of the guys who originally took Vekta off the Helghan because they refused to hand over resources(cant remember their name, some earth alliance thing from memory). The ISA are just the space police....or army, what ever.

My guess is that Sev sees the conflict from the Helghast point of view rather than the ISA/earth alliance guys point of view in this game and defects....hopefully against Rico.

Maybe the trailer is to show how Sev was fighting against the Helghast but now he becomes one?... or it may be to just show off the fucking awesome cqc system.

WildArmed3031d ago

while I think Helghast is the shitz!

It's obvious he wont.

It's easy to interpret him wearing a mask, but don't forget about the fact he just killed a effen helgasht.

But maybe u will disguise urself as one at one point in the game.

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sikbeta3031d ago

We'll be Playing undercover, Killing helghast form their Own side, Hope Some day we'll Play as Helghasts beating ISA soldiers a$$es...

V3N0M3031d ago

My thoughts exactly..Sev will probably be a spy working in helghan territory so he can find the main source and energy that feeds off helghan. can't wait to see if we will see gameplay at E3.

Dsnyder3031d ago

He probably joined the dark side to get away from Rico.

freeblue3031d ago

We might be able to play as Helghasts.

thePatriot3031d ago

Rico never told you?
I am your father..


Imperator3031d ago

Well, it might not be so literal. Perhaps it's symbolic in that this game will be from the point of view of the Helghast (since we played as Sev in KZ2, he turns into the Helghast).

Davoh3031d ago

I think he does turn to the dark side of the force and for good reason too, the Helghast's rock and any excuse to kill Rico =)

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xHarvey3031d ago

Rofl a better guess would be that there would be stealth gameplay or a particular mission in which you will need to be undercover/incognito.

Faztkiller3031d ago

Witch make sence at the end of 2 your out numbered and with no way out

LordMarius3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

We are just going to see an Avatar-esque type of story

Im guessing Sev gets stranded, then has to go into hiding until he can get back with ISA so he hides as a helghast, then we see the world of Helghan and their side of the story, after that Rico and company bring more assault to the planet and Sev tries to stop them after seeing their side. It ends with Sev killing Rico.something like that

Killzone meets Avatar

Skyreno3031d ago

dang if that happens >> WOW that will be awesome !!! and maybe next killzone will be new main charcter ahhhh can't wait for game to released