Meodia- ModNation Racers Review

Play, Create, Share, has become synonymous with the Playstation brand. Sony foresaw something special in the possibility of giving you, the player, the tools and motivation to utilize your imagination for gaming in ways unheard of within an often bland industry. Media Molecule paved the road in the amazingly successful Little Big Planet. Well, continuing the tradition in the genre, United Front Games has not only given us one of the premier kart racers of all time, but employed a customization system to rival Little Big Planet. The game is simple yet profound, challenging yet rewarding, and touches a place in your soul once lost from your youth. The game is ModNation Racers.

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ipwnall2999d ago

It's amazing that my 5 year old can enjoy it just as much as I do. Great job UFG and Sony!

Meodia_Art2999d ago

I love the customization here the most out of any game. Helghast racer FTW!

Jamegohanssj52998d ago

8.9? I'll save my monies.


SeanRL2998d ago

You're a retard, and the gilmore girls are stupid. 8.9 is a great score.

BannedForNineYears2998d ago

Woah Jame, I thought you were a PS3 fanboy like myself. o.o

reaferfore202998d ago

I'm detecting some sarcasm in this comment...

Jamegohanssj52998d ago

That was sarcasm at it's best lol! I will pick up the game when it's down to like 30 bucks. I'm not too big on racing games to be honest.


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and the only thing i've seen is the demos during E3...
this is starting to remind me of the good ol' days of SPEED PUNKS.

Meodia_Art2998d ago

I'm telling you, it's a great game. LBP mixed with mariokart but even better.


i'll consider getting it when i can afford it lol
i haz no munny D:

Meodia_Art2998d ago

I've only enjoyed the title at a friend's house. Going to wait till the end of the month or beginning of July to pick it up.

BannedForNineYears2998d ago

Same here, I would get it if I had gill.

OutgoingSquall2998d ago

Goty contender infinite content amazing multiplayer buy the game or you suck.

Jeff2572998d ago

This is an absolutely amazing game. The stuff Ive seen created has been great and Ive even created a few karts and mods. Gotten positive responses on the forums Ive posted them too but still not a lot of downloads unfortunately. Anyway the racing is top notch and definitely involves more than just racing. You need a good bit of strategy as well.

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