Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood a massive RDR, ICO fan

VG247: Yes, that Jonny Greenwood. As in arguably the best guitar player of our generation. That Jonny Greenwood.

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cyborg69713036d ago

Radiohead = best they are bestestes

Conloles3036d ago

Who is this guy and why do we care? lots of people like RDR and Ico.

Imperator3036d ago

Radiohead is an alternative rock band. They're pretty good imo.

ThanatosDMC3035d ago

Is that the group from South Park's "Scott Tennerman Must Die"?

lovestospoodge3035d ago

who da f*ck cares what this a**hole thinks. is it gonna make anyone's day brighter knowing that some band member likes the same game everyone else does?

Kassanova073035d ago

Radiohead is one of the best bands ever conceived.

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xTHRASHx3036d ago Show
Mo0eY3036d ago

I don't like Radiohead, but they are one of the few Indie bands that gives the bigshots in the music industry a huge middle finger. For that, I commend them. Plus they love Red Dead and Ico. Bubbles up to Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood (whoever that is).

Legosz3036d ago

I agree, Radiohead is amazing. Their songs are not meant to rock out to which is what people don't seem to understand. It's a personal taste, some people listen to hip hop so they can just chill to the beat, I listen to Radiohead and understand the feelings and emotions of each song.

kingdavid3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Oh you didnt just say that.

Radiohead are soooo good. Real music is hard to find these days.

Fred-G-Sanford3036d ago

LOL @ "arguably the best guitar player of our generation."

Sonyfanclubpresident3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

guitar players this generation.................... ...this generation is absolutely clueless,retarded and fvcked!

Whoever wrote this STUPID articled deserves a bullet in the brain.

ICO was an a pretty amazing game though.

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LazyRobot3036d ago

This is definitely news, definitely

xTHRASHx3036d ago

oh yeah. great news eh? how can the killzone 3 teaser trailer beating this???

Timesplitter143036d ago

"arguably the best guitar player of our generation"
He plays good songs but technically they're pretty basic

Awookie3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Yea, their music is fantastic but defiantly not the best guitarist of our generation.

SullyDrake3036d ago

But you don't need to be the best in Radiohead. They're all about the music, not showing off. Radiohead is talent and skill, but talent > skill.

Regardless, glad to hear he's enjoying RDR. It's a wonderful game.

halojunkie3036d ago

he sucks at guitar! steve vai says hi

NecrumSlavery3036d ago

Frank Zappa, Hermin Li (Dragonforce) & John Pertrucci (Dream Theater) says hello mediocre emo band.

SullyDrake3036d ago

You fail so hard it's hard not to laugh.

Herman Li is trash. Radiohead is not mediocre emo. Just stop listening to music please.

@ Halojunkie

He sucks at guitar? $10 says you've never even held one. You both should just stop listening to music.

NecrumSlavery3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )


been a guitarist for 11 years. I'd sit around listening to shitty emo music and cutting my self too, but I'm not you...a whiny kid.

And even John Mayer has more talent than every Radiohead fruit combined. I know drop d tuning turns you on...

kingdavid3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

ROFL at Hermin Li is this a joke?

Just because you can thrash doesnt make you a good guitarist btw. The best guitarists play with melody and intricacy ie. Gilmour

@disagrees, Something wrong with what I said? Btw I dont classe Johnny Greenwood as one of the better guitarists this gen. Radiohead is largely Thom Yorke. Without him, they wouldnt be anywhere near as big.

SullyDrake3035d ago

I've been playing for about 7 years myself Necrum, but seeing as you are classing Radiohead as emo and Herman Li as great, I've clearly got more knowledge of music in my 7 years of playing than you in your 11 and probably the next 11.

And what's wrong with drop D? Oh wait, you're one of those close minded guitarists who thinks anything but standard is blasphemy. It's the music you write, not the tuning you write it in. Funny you worship Petrucci of Dream Theater, as they use drop tunings and 7 strings. GG bro.

PirateThom3035d ago

Calling Radiohead emo means you've never really listened to the, or listen to Fake Plastic Trees and Creep and assumed, well, that's that. Not saying they're the most upbeat band ever, but the majority of their songs are dyanmic in different ways.

And Herman Li... technically gifted but playing really bad, cheesy songs.

CellularDivision3035d ago

"omfg steve vai is sooooo awsum he plays so emotional and he is awsum yes i can play his songz on guitar hero they are very very emotional!!!"

Yeah, anyone can overuse the lydian and phrygian scales, and incorporate them into a "omfg so hardcoar" shred solo.

Herman Li.. I lol'd. That guy cant sweep. I think I can sweep better. I dont even like Dragon Force.

Pertrucci? Give me a break. You are clearly trolling. Thats like saying Nick Jonas is good. Pertrucci is just Nick Jonas with slightly more guitar knowledge.

If I didnt know better, I think you all discover music using Guitar Hero, or maybe Rock Band, LOL.

LightofDarkness3035d ago

Wow, the ignorance in this thread is astounding. Johnny Greenwood perhaps is not the most technically proficient guitar on earth, but his musicality and imagination are almost beyond compare. Listen to The Bends, then OK Computer. Two almost utterly different albums, yet they came one after the other. OK Computer started a musical revolution, it is a flawless masterpiece of an album. Th soundscapes are beautiful, every song composed and orchestrated to perfection. And they are FAR from emo, they are modern prog rock at it's best (you people have NO idea where emo comes from!!).

I used to be a metal only kind of guy. Death metal was my bread and butter. I used to think anyone who couldn't knock out a massive technical riff in an awkward time signature wasn't worth my time. I loved it all from Metallica, Death, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cynic, Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Emperor, Bodom, At the Gates... that list goes on and on. But eventually you have to grow as a musician. You can't call yourself a music lover if all you can listen to is ONE genre (metal sub-genres are still under one genre). Jazzy metal bands like Cynic will open your eyes. Bands like Radiohead will truly blow your mind once you learn to accept them. And don't stop there, get some jazz (in my case, LOTS of jazz), some classical, some prog, some hip-hop, electronica, get some kick ass drum&bass. You have no idea what you're missing by not listening to anything that doesn't "shred."

And Herman Li, while technically gifted, SUCKS as a musician. He has no idea about dynamics, when to play slow or quiet or when to not play at all. If he's your yard stick by which all other are measured, you might as well score some scalar runs and arpeggios in a midi synthesizer and speed it up, because that's essentially all your listening to.

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ryhanon3036d ago

The words necessary to describe how much I care simply do not exist.

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