Killzone 3 Introduces Playable Helghast?

"The Killzone 3 trailer has just been released by Sony and Guerrilla. In it, you’ll lay witness to a slow and steady Helghast beat down by the game’s protagonist, Sergeant First Class Tomas “Sev” Sevchenko.

And once the final body hits the pile of corpses that fell before it, the camera pulls in close for a shot of Sev’s face as he puts on the iconic Helghast helmet. Could this mean that Killzone 3 will give gamers a chance to go under cover as one themselves?"

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MechaGear3000d ago

Goood question. Guerilla? This is a hint with a signpost!

halojunkie3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

cant wait for this game gonna be my favorite shooter ever.

Conloles2999d ago

Why do these articles keep getting through? There was an article yesterday which was EXACTLY THE SAME! Just because its killzone doesnt mean it needs to be spammed every day with the same news.

-Alpha3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

I'm sorry, but these analysis' are are just pulling at straws now. We can't have every single site post an analysis of such a short teaser trailer. We have some on the front page but interpreting that we play as the Helghast is a big guess. It's not a bad interpretation, but it's a big guess and I don't think it constitutes as a rumor.

If anything it showed me that Sev has gone mad, or that the game is going to be more darker. Better yet, it was just a way to symbolize the powerful image that the Helghast helmet bears, but that doesn't mean it should turn into a rumor.

Anyways, everybody has their own exciting interpretation, and I think this is all best left in forums instead of as rumors or news.

R2D22999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

after Rico took his kill, I am sure he was more than mad.

sikbeta2999d ago

KZ3 = Undercover Sev Killing Helghasts From Their Own Side... This Game will be Freaking Awesome...

Doc Sony2999d ago

I hope Sev goes undercover and is forced to kill Rico to gain the trust of the helghast. That would be a really good twist.

ThanatosDMC2999d ago

Ummm... you had a Helghast teammate on KZ1. So it's possible. I forgot his name though. Templar, Rico, the sneaky girl, then the helghast guy.

wenaldy2999d ago

Sneaky girl is Shadow Marshall (Splinter Cell look alike), and the helghan guy is Gregor Hakha. Hakha is the coolest guy in Killzone and i love when Rico hates that guy so much... :D

Reefskye2999d ago

Sneaky girl was luger and the Helghast was Hakha

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LordMarius3000d ago

Im guessing Sev gets stranded, then has to go into hiding until he can get back with ISA so he hides as a helghast, then we see the world of Helghan and their side of the story, after that Rico and company bring more assault to the planet and Sev tries to stop them after seeing their side. It ends with Sev killing Rico.something like that

Killzone meets Avatar.

Nitrowolf23000d ago

thats how i see it happening or at least soemthing along the line of that

Obama2999d ago

Rico better dies in killzone 3 coz he is just both annoying and insane.

THC CELL2999d ago

i think it will happen and we will get a forum full of cheers lol

BABY-JEDI2999d ago

A Dev has already stated on a forum that you will have the choice 'sorry I don't have the link' but this approach/addition is more than welcome from my perspective. The more depth, the better game play.

trounbyfire2999d ago

same youtube name as N4G name.
I tell you why you will play as the helghast but not as you think. Its is really simple GG has already said it in many interviews.


thief2999d ago

How about an option where you can take down a Helghast using CQC, put on his helmet and uniform and sneak behind some other Helghast –this would be an interesting way to outflank enemy AI who are behind strong cover.

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