10 games in June that might actually be worth buying

EX: "June is a pretty slow month for games, especially when compared to May which saw the release of back-to-back blockbusters like Red Dead Redemption and UFC Undisputed 2010.

However, before you take all your money and blow it on alcohol and all the games in May that you missed (though that's not a bad idea either), be sure to scope out the following ten games being released in June that actually might be worth your time -- and money -- this summer."

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tehk1w13028d ago

In for Metal Gear Solid and Sin and Punishment. The others don't really interest me too much.

Queasy3028d ago

Transformers - Hell yes

LEGO Harry Potter - ehhhhh...Love the LEGO games but I'm kind of burned out on them now.

Naughty Bear - worth a rental try

Sin & Punishment - Yes

40cal3028d ago

Its so close its driving me crazy.

Magnus3028d ago

I already have my Transformers War for Cybertron preordered and I am waiting for naughty bear

vampstreak3028d ago

mite be worth buying? slap yourself for saying such a thing, OF COURSE ITS WORTH BUYING!

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The story is too old to be commented.