Gamer Limit Review: Split/Second: Velocity

Gamer Limit writes "Split/Second will constantly have you yelping with fear and exhilaration as you soak in the carnage. "

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StartWars2971d ago

For me, this was the most original and enjoyable racing game out of the recent trio of Split/Second, ModNation racers and Blur, but these also have my respect in their own right.

Ziriux2971d ago

You got to play them all my man, can you tell me which one is the best.

StartWars2971d ago

All depends on what you want. If you want intense Hollywood action embodied into a racing game, Split/Second. If you're into kart racing and the idea of in-depth customisation tickles your fancy, ModNation Racers. And if the mix of kart racing style power-ups with licensed cars appeals, Blur.

It's a great time to be a racing game fan when 3 top titles are released within a week of each other!

DangerCurtis2971d ago

While the selling point of this game is a bit gimmicky and a bit too Michael Bay-ish, there is definitely something satisfying about the environment destruction.

Ziriux2971d ago

I love perfect computer.

thedoctor2971d ago

Hrmmm... I still don't understand why publishers thought it was a good idea to release so many racing games within such a short time-frame.

Yuenanimous2971d ago

Dude... one publisher is doing it... We gotta compete.. duh! (sarcasm.)

chaserooniman2971d ago

I played the demo a few weeks ago, and I wasn't completely sold, but Martin might be swaying me.