Vanquish Will Be “Fastest” Shooter Ever, No Multiplayer

Vanquish is coming to shores all over the world, fast. The first person shooter is being developed by Platinum Games and directed by legendary game director Shinji Mikami, who will all know is a master at what he does.

He’s hoping to “create something that has more appeal to it than simply being a shooter in a realistic world”. It’ll also be the faster shooter anywhere.

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ClownBelt2850d ago

I'm already disappointed.

lociefer2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

lol is that master chiefs brother ?

presto7172850d ago

HAHAHAHA. Nice joke. someone should have mentioned we were here for comedy

mikeslemonade2850d ago

Yep, why bother; people buy shooters for the multiplayer. If you're not not named Bioshock or Portal you must have multiplayer or GTFO.

WildArmed2850d ago


and the fact that Bioshock 2 has MP says something about the important of MP lol

ShepardVasNormandy2850d ago

screw multiplayer that is not why I buy games including shooters. The only shooter that I have gone online multiplayer with is Battlefield Bad Company 2 and stuck with. I have tried others but Single Player is where a game is Judged. For as long as games have been around single player has been a huge component. Take away single player and you take almost everyone but the hardcore gamer out of the equation.

Skip_Bayless2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Bioshock 2 pales in comparison to Bioshock 1. It lacked orginality and the graphics were the same if not worst.

Single player mode in shooters are too repetitive. You will find yourself doing basically the same thing for 8 hours:
1. You get shot at
2. Take cover
3. Wait for health regeneration
4. Then you shoot back for the kill

Rinse and repeat. Now the reason why Bioshock 1 and Portal are great is because the story was interesting and the gameplay was unique in a shooter. Bioshock had the RPG element and Portal had the puzzle/thinking element. Now all the trashy games like MW2, BFBC2, Fear 2, RBSV2 are "rinse and repeat" games that take place in uninteresting enviroments. Those games are a chore to complete because they're boring, but the multiplayer for those kinds of games are infinitely replayable basically.

badz1492850d ago

the sad thing is, when it comes to FPS, MP will always be counted in reviews and everything. you release a FPS with no MP now, you're up for a huge FLOP in terms of sales! sure there are people buying games without caring if there's MP or not but that alone won't make you sell enough!

Ravage272850d ago

Even if it ends up being extremely good, i can see reviewers giving it an average of 8, remember the first Uncharted? (1) new IP (2) a shooter without MP (3) low hype

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Imperator2850d ago

Why would you be disappointed? Bioshock had no multiplayer and it turned out to be an amazing game. I'm one of those people who hates the fact that many people these days seem to think that a game needs to have Multiplayer. If they can make a lengthy, interesting SP campaign with replayability then I'm all for it.

dgroundwater2850d ago

Couldn't have said it better. Shooters have profound replayablity. Anyone who played fps before this gen knows plenty of the best shooting action was offline AS WELL as online. This gen has made games like Vanquish a dying breed.

NewNameNow2850d ago

Games that focus more on online gaming have shitty campaigns anyways


Skip_Bayless2850d ago

I guess there's games like Bioshock 1 just floating everywhere in the wild...

DarkSpawnClone2849d ago

i would like to see more games focus on sp and add 4 player online co-op to the single player campaign so you can play online with friends it would be awesome,would work for Rpgs.

omi25p2849d ago

i completely agree with you, did u find bioshock 2 a disapointment like i did?

Imperator2849d ago

Yep, Bioshock 2 definitely didn't live up to the original. It was a good game (8/10 imo) but I was really let down. Especially since the online was so bad.

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Eternus2850d ago

Says the person with the Miley Cyrus avatar. Opinion immediately voided.

SullyDrake2850d ago

Full focus on story and gameplay, no tacked-on multiplayer wasting development time that could go elsewhere. Mikami revolutionized years ago with Resident Evil, let's hope he can do the same within the increasingly stagnant FPS genre.

darkknight09962849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

the game is not FPS it's a TPS I saw in game images in the EU playstation store FirstPlay episode and actually it looks really crazy.

P.S. not all games have to have MP

sikbeta2850d ago

I hope it turn out to be a Great Game, I want to forget about the "Dantenetta case", so better be Great...

Mo0eY2850d ago

As much as I appreciate games like Half-Life 1/2 and Bioshock, I do not see this getting as much fame and hype. I hope I eat my words though because it looks pretty badass.

RememberThe3572850d ago

This doesn't mean that the game wont be good. It just means that the replay value has taken a hit. I never could get into Bioshock so I'm not too excited ATM.

HolyOrangeCows2850d ago

If it truly is the fastest shooter ever, it won't play very well on consoles.

NYPunk882850d ago

No multiplayer, no sale.

MegaPowa2849d ago

it wouldn't make sense if every fps had multiplayer presto your a complete joke for saying that.

NYPunk882849d ago


I'm the kind of gamer that goes straight to the MP. The SP for most games are really short, the AI limited and have very little replay value(there are exceptions tho). So for me it makes perfect sense.

Rikitatsu2849d ago

..Is TPS not FPS.
This is journalism failure right here.

DelbertGrady2849d ago

I'm surprised over how clueless some people are. Discussing Bioshock and whatnot. I thought they'd at least know that this game is a TPS and that it's made by Platinum Games. You know, the makers of Bayonetta, produced by the creator of Devil May Cry.

UnwanteDreamz2849d ago

You guys make too much out of the original Bioshock and I know why. It was not as good as some made it seem. Original yes, tedious yes, overhyped yes, and the story was good. No where near the masterpiece some made it out to be though.

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-Alpha2850d ago

A shooter without a multiplayer that focuses on story? Sounds very promising actually. From Japan no less. Let's hope they deliver.

LordMarius2850d ago

what is this bizzaro world

-Alpha2850d ago

Next thing you know the West is creating RPGs :O

Oh wait...

MechaGear2850d ago

No multiplayer actually does sound promising when all everyone is milking the holy cow.
Go Shinji!

thereapersson2850d ago

I know I'm in the minority here, but I really wish there would be more FPS games this generation that DIDN'T focus primarily on multiplayer. There are already too many games saturating the market that have multiplayer functionality, so it'd be nice to see a game that focuses on drawing in the player with a competent storyline.

That said, if they're not going to include multiplayer, the game better be longer than 8 hours. I don't mind the lack of multiplayer to artificially boost a game's replayability, but I want what *is* there to have a reasonable amount of substance.

nnotdead2850d ago

agree. 12 hours is the sweet spot for most single player games.

scofios2850d ago

those guys from Platinum Games Shinji Mikami brought us resident evil 4 ,
a game that inspired most of tps games this gen gears of war, dead space , so don't underestimate them because they are japanese  .

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Exactly, it's a Japanese Game.

If this was coming from an American Developer, FPS and no multiplayer, I wouldn't be very excited.

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belal2850d ago

the single player is priority 1.

vickers5002850d ago

For shooters, mp is my top priority. FPS games are not generally the type of games capable of telling a good story or having a good campaign these days. Don't get me wrong, there is the occasional BioShock (which by the way, is my favorite game of all time) but that was a rare instance.

You all act like that no mp will equal a great story/campaign. That's not how it works. They actually have to be talented writers to craft an interesting story. And anyways, why does everyone think STORY should be a top priority? The greatest, most revolutionary games tell no story. The greatest games of all time are fun to play.

I don't see this obsession with wanting a story over everything else in a game. If you want a good story, watch a movie or read a book, or even watch certain television shows. Games are not a very good format for storytelling. If you put the greatest video game story ever that exists right now (let's say Metal Gear Solid or BioShock) up against some of the top movies of all time (won't even list any because there are too many), then you will just laugh at how crappy these games stories are. They're the equivalent of a b movie action flick.

Lucreto2850d ago

Only singleplayer?

This game is getting more and more interesting.

Optical_Matrix2850d ago

I like the sound of that you know. Shooters always seem to be lacking in story unless it's Half Life in my honest opinion. Even my favorite shooter, Killzone 2, lacked in story. I can imagine a good solid, 15 hour or more shooter. Could be interesting.
Going to TGS in september so looking forward to trying it out there

King Hippo2850d ago

Just because you didn't understand Killzone 2 doesn't mean it lacked in story. The Killzone series has one of the most interesting stories in a FPS. I'm assuming you didn't play the first Killzone, Killzone: Liberation, or even read the backstory. You should at least read the backstory for it and if that still doesn't interest you then maybe you're just not one for a good war/sci-fi story (at least not unless it includes the power rangers).

raztad2850d ago


Thats harsh considering he said KZ2 is his favorite shooter. In KZ2 story took the back seat to the action but I definitely agree KZ universe has an amazing story and awesome "bad guys" the helghast.

OT: If Vanquish is gonna be a single player game only I hope it deliver in both quality and quantity. Good visuals to boot.

evrfighter2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

The story opens with a short briefing of the Inner Sphere's Operation: Bulldog, a daring plan to eliminate the most hostile and vicious clan in the Inner Sphere: Clan Smoke Jaguar, led by Anastasius Focht and Victor Steiner-Davion. Operation Bulldog and Task Force Serpent have already completed their objectives, but there is one last operation left—the one with which the player is tasked—a final clean-up of the Smoke Jaguar forces remaining in the Inner Sphere, and the elimination of the last ranking Jaguar officer. This mission (codename: Damocles) is to destroy key Smoke Jaguar installations on the planet Tranquil, including a 'Mech Factory, a starport, a geothermal power plant, and finally to eliminate the Smoke Jaguar forces and leadership on the planet.

Two dropships are deployed to release the BattleMech force to destroy these installations. However, while in orbit above Tranquil, a dropship is attacked by massive naval laser fire. The Blackhammer is shot down and the remaining dropship, the Eclipse, retreats to safety.

why hello there KZ2. 1999 say's hello.