Xbox Live Promotion Helps Out Children's Miracle Network

Mission 4 Miracles is a Xbox Live promotional program for Canadian users. This delightful charity exchanges Microsoft points for money, an exchange rate of 80 points = $1, where it will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network. Gamer Pictures, themes, and a Game with Fame night with golfer Stephen Ames are products users can buy to contribute to the program.

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VenerableBmoney2819d ago

Good to see Microsoft supporting a really positive charity.

SKGamer2819d ago

They should do stuff like this more often. I mean they make a ton of money off of all that little DLC stuff, why not give some of it back?

Anarki2819d ago

Isn't Bill Gates giving all his cash to charity when he dies?

MastermindPS3602819d ago


they always have......maybe do some research and get off your high horse...."all that money with DLC why not give some back" god grow up

SOAD2819d ago

Microsoft is a very charitable corporation and a lot of corporations are very charitable. They just don't get publicized a lot for their donations. Hell, even BP is charitable. The negative stigma that shrouds companies blinds people from their contributions.

SD26002819d ago

Hoping this actually becomes a more regular endeavor for them!

GUCommander2819d ago

Good to see Microsoft finally doing some good :P

Del6732819d ago

Finally Microsoft space currency being put to a good use.

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The story is too old to be commented.