The Future of Our Hobby

Gamer Limit writes "Anyone would be hard-pressed to argue with the assertion that gaming has changed over the years. Once regarded as the flagship hobby of the social outcast, it has been interesting to see gaming grow into a mainstream entertainment medium, encompassing anyone from “professional” tournament players to children hardly old enough to read.

But, as with anything we dedicate our time to, the question must inevitably be asked: How is it going to change?"

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thedoctor3029d ago

Really interesting read. I totally agree on the price of games issue. Something has to give soon.

Del6733029d ago

I hope something gives soon. I had high hopes that direct downloads would lower prices with the poor PSP Go, yet that seems to be a lost cause, even though the retailers are cut of the process.

SeanRL3029d ago

Sadly, games are becoming much more casual. I don't mind it when I have to do a tutorial or something, but I shouldn't beat a game that I spent 60-70 dollars on in a couple hours.

pangitkqb3029d ago

In other words, once the public can't afford to game at the level the industry is used to, innovation to cut costs will become an absolute necessity. In that vein, a better rendering program is far cheaper than building millions upon millions of more powerful consoles.

Basically, increased processing power is always coming our way, but it won't need to be as much as PS3 over PS2, simply because of improvements in how the hardware is used.

halojunkie3029d ago

eating fast food, the business in booming.

nnotdead3029d ago

i too think something needs to be done with game pricing. i know if the same games where $20-30 i would buy 2-3xs as many games a year. i do think the same would be true for most gamers.

the problem would be the bigger selling games. MW2, Halo, etc would most likely sell few more copys with such a price cut. making the price drop not as worth to the publishers. though the mid to lower selling/reviewed games would see the sale increases. i would take a chance on Alpha Protocol if it was in the $20-30 price range. at $60 its too much of an investment for me to want to do anything more than rent it.

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JQ3029d ago

I forsee gaming coming to a close once everyone has their own Gundam to pilot.

DangerCurtis3029d ago

I for one hope to see in the future that AAA games begin to faze out a bit and hope industrial improvements begin to bolster the strength of games that fall into the $10 - $20 range. It's a bit ridiculous how much we have to spend on games now a days.

Jorrel563029d ago

Agreed. Hopefully digital distribution helps make such a shift. I won't hold my breath though :)

GrahameG3029d ago

A nice holo-deck like they have in Star Trek would be rather nice. That or the Gundam. :)

Davoh3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Everyone knows that the future only holds a dreadful zombie apocalypse which only us gamers will survive due to our survival horror survival skills.
And remember, there is always a safe house within walking distance and weapons and ammunition randomly placed along the way.

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The story is too old to be commented.