Alan Wake is GOTY Quality. 360 Gamers Don't Know it

Alan Wake which had been in development for over 5 years is being overlooked by many gamers all around. Despite the usual fail of games in long development, Alan Wake is the reason to buy An Xbox 360 if you haven’t done so already. It is too bad most existing 360 gamers, don’t know how good Alan Wake really is.

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Eddie201012730d ago

Been there played that, not game of the year quality. Good game but nowhere near game of the year.

lociefer2730d ago

lol no1 does apparently, except the author

halojunkie2730d ago

played it, love it, but not goty quality.

Elven62730d ago

halojunkie: Given your comments history I highly doubt you have an Xbox 360 let alone played Alan Wake.

Independent_Charles2730d ago

i love this game just started chapter 5 'the clicker' atm hardest difficulty and at 16 hours right now.

Imperator2730d ago


It's a great games and fun, but it's no Game of the Year. The Story is good, but not mindblowing. The gameplay is alright but it's far from amazing. It's a good rental, but compared to games like ME2, GOWIII, Heavy Rain, and Red Dead Redemption it just doesn't stack up.

candystop2730d ago

It's definitely up there with ME Red Dead and GOW3. I personally think better games are coming later in the year but to right it off as just whatever is wrong.

cb4g2730d ago

Those are the two standouts this year so far. God of War III is quality as well. I thought Heavy Rain was great but after I finished the game I realized that it didn't really follow through on its promises.

As for Alan Wake? I'm finding that I don't even like the titular character. He seems like a bit of an emo whiner to me, but I'll reserve judgement until I'm further into the story. The setting is awesome and atmospheric, but the controls and animations feel clunky. He's also one unfit bastard.

Independent_Charles2730d ago

'He's also one unfit bastard.' lol id like to see howd you cope with very little sleep over 2 weeks, axe men every night trying to chop your chad lol ill be nakerd within 2 days lol nevermind the wrist damage.

Strikepackage Bravo2729d ago

Why do people keep calling GOW3 goty material, it would never win, GOW3 was GOW2 with better graphics, same with Killzone2.

U2 won because it had more than just pretty graphics, and the graphics it did have were the prettiest ever seen on a console up to that point.

No matter how loud you PS3 fanboys cry, Killzone2 graphics were not as great as claimed, seriously overhyped, and the controls sucked, the overall feel, story and atmosphere was genreric FPS, NOT goty material.

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Cryptech2730d ago

I said it before and I'll say it again, it might of been game of the year in 2006.

Anarki2730d ago

Sorry but, Heavy Rain begs to differ...

Dance2730d ago

mass effect 2 begs to differ

PS360_372730d ago

Heavy Rain..really?

I don't think Alan Wake is gonna be GOTY even though it is my GOTY, but you think Heavy Rain was better?

I just can't see it. And yes, I played the entire game. Actually 1.5 times because the whole Y2K thing for the PS3 deleted my saves.

bjornbear2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

but thats just too bad tbh

and ME2 begs to differ what?...AW being GoTY contender? sure it does, but so does HR, and many other games.

Anarki2730d ago

Actually, I meant it to a point where it has more of a chance than Alan Wake. I believe there are a lot of really good titles out there that deserve GOTY, but I realistically don't think Alan Wake will be one of them.

BX812730d ago

I thought Wake was better than heavy rain

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MastermindPS3602730d ago

i agree its awesome but not GOTY
im gonna say halo reach will take the cake on goty this year

Sonyfanclubpresident2730d ago

Quote me on that.

Heavy Rain was OK.
Alan Wake ....DAMN CLOSE!

sikbeta2730d ago

[Support The Survival Horror Genre]

Independent_Charles2730d ago

have done remedy has my £37.99

JokesOnYou2730d ago

ME2 is my GOTY so far but AW is definitely a worthy title to be included in the nominees.


halojunkie2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

in every dang comment you say.......

JOY! JOY! JOY! retarded

RememberThe3572730d ago

THANK YOU! Some one final said it! This guy and the other guy who always signs off "TGSI" or some shit like like. What the hell is that? Your writing a comment not a letter.

t-dizzle2730d ago

It is unique among 360 games and should be appreciated as such. It will contend in the horror category if not in the goty category. Whether people buy it or not, that it up to them, but I am glad that I did!

Philaroni2730d ago

I think it will win maybe some awards like best horror game and what not but atm the best game of the year game the Xbox has is ME2.

I know its off topic but I feel Heavy Rain is the game of the year being it is a new way to play and enjoy games. I always look to new experiences as being game of the year.

Legosz2730d ago

Mass effect 2 deserves GOTY. God of War 3 comes close but if only it was a bit longer :( Oh and Super Mario galaxy 2 is going to win anyways, I am just posting my opinion.

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bioshock12212730d ago

Can you explain why not? I think it is GOTY quality.

poopface12730d ago

NAd this author doesnt know how much it sold.

Mista T2730d ago

I also vote ME2 for GOTY, best game this year thus far

sid4gamerfreak2730d ago

Its a good game, but not GOTY.

tinybigman2730d ago

My GOTY so far is Heavy Rain.

God of War 3
Red Dead
Alan Wake

Round out my top 5 of the games I've finished so far. Mass Effect 2 comes in 6th with Splinter Cell right behind it.

AW is my favorite 360 game this year and people should go out and support it so developers know that these types of games are wanted on the 360

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SilverSlug2730d ago

I hear them saying it on forums for months and months before the game was out.Lol.

I have not played it yet, I'm waiting for the DLC to be bundled together.

thebudgetgamer2730d ago

get out there and buy mortimer buy!

ClownBelt2730d ago

I don't buy mediocrity brah.

thebudgetgamer2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

or is it because of the console its on?

good point Elven,it sucks on one end though i had nine bubbles before.
oh well.

Elven62730d ago

Don't feed the trolls budgetgamer, it's good to see the bubbles system actually works on the new N4G since most of the fanboys are down to one bubble hence are easier to put up with than before.

BkaY2730d ago

.. i only played the first chapter.. and let me tell you one thing it is quite good and i will reserve my opinion until i finish it completely..

user friendly controls, tense environment & dark theme...


Imperator2730d ago

I would recommend this more as a rental or a 40 dollar purchase.

Chug2730d ago

After cashing in $40 of credit on Amazon :)

CellularDivision2730d ago

Fully agree. I got UC2 used at a shop.
I do not regret it.

Biggest2730d ago

SilverSlug has the right idea. You might as well wait for the full version.

thebudgetgamer2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

i like remedy and i plan on supporting them. just cant do it right now, its hiking season so my funds are going to that.

Suicyco 132730d ago

Isnt that line at the end of Trading Places? That was a good Eddie Murphy flick!!

HowarthsNJ2730d ago

Most PS3 Games are slow starters like this one. They eventually do sell over time.

I doubt the retailers will wait before slashing the price though.

In contrast, Insomniac's games don't drop in price for a long while. It must be in their contract.

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chase1672730d ago

maybe game of the month

Myze2730d ago

SMG2 and RDR both are clearly GotM over AW according to 99% of critics. Hard to say for me personally, and I will just say it's been a great month in general.

Eddie201012730d ago

Game of the month would go to Red Dead Redemption and it could easily be game of the year.

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