Peter Moore: Skeptical About 3-D for EA Sports Titles

"With E3 coming around, we expect certain buzz words to be prevalent. Last year it was all about motion controls. The Wii had Wii motion plus, and Sony and Microsoft both unveiled their own entries into that arena with Move and Natal respectively. This year, if CES and GDC are any indication, 3-D will be one of the big ones this year. But not ever company is sold on 3-D gaming. Peter Moore, president of EA sports is highly skeptical of the benefits."

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cain1412909d ago

I think 3-D might feel a little wierd for some of these games...

Ziriux2909d ago

Peter Moore should just go back to Microsoft again to make their E3 exciting.

cain1412909d ago

He does a good job with EA's E3 though...

Dylantalon12909d ago

he's skeptical about 3d because ps3 is the only console thats capable of doing stereoscopic 3d and EA makes multiplatform games. the only way i see EA adopting 3d for their games is if they optimise the ps3 versions which would make their games have the potential to be better because of the cell/BE and blu ray capacity but i dont think theyll do it. multiplatform devs want to sell a lot of games but a lot of their games fall into a mediocrity bracket which often times causes lower games sales.

sikbeta2909d ago

Also EA Sport Titles are in production Every year (i.e Madden) and You don't see Anything Mind-blowing with the Next-Year "Sequel" and those Games don't Push Any HW, just Come out because of Popularity and by that if people buy those game the way they are, EA don't "see" the necessity to add Features and such...

cain1412909d ago

Yeah it would take some actual effort to add this in...

johnbknight2909d ago

yeah i think it would take too much work to implement this in a non cheesy way that is too hard when ur producing games yr after yr..

johnbknight2909d ago

It would be a little weird to get used to, but with the right physics engine a 3-d game would be sick, moving towards personal simulation games.

NeverforgetNES2909d ago

is skeptical about anything being in 3D.

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