Portal, Half-Life 2 updates released

CVG writes: Valve has released yet another patch update for the Half-Life 2 games (that includes Episodes 1 and 2) and everybody's favourite, Portal.

The Half-Life 2 update slaps around 46MB of data on your hard drive, while Portal's patch takes up a further 68.1MB-worth of 1s and 0s. These are the second round of updates to be released in the space of a week.

The full change list is below - nothing to get excited about. If you want excitement you should be licking your lips in anticipation of Valve's teased Portal 2 surprise coming next weekend.

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ATi_Elite2914d ago

Wow another HL2 patch. This game is old (but still the greatest ever) and gets another patch, probably because after all these years people like me still play it regularly.

Chris_TC2914d ago

HL2 was recently updated to a newer game engine.
But this has introduced a ton of bugs. The Steam forums are filled with reports. So Valve is gonna have to fix these asap because one of the best games ever is currently "broken."