The Politics of Red Dead Redemption examines the many political ideologies behind Rockstar's newest game, Red Dead Redemption. From Libertarianism to Robin Hood, we go through the laundry list of beliefs, ideas, and other boring, political stuff.

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The_Zeitgeist3032d ago

Should have said contains spoilers you jerk!!!!

BadOrcLeader3032d ago

The article is half-hidden. To read the whole thing you have to press "Continue reading", which is about a half inch away from the warning, which says:

FAIR WARNING: Spoilers up ahead.

BadOrcLeader3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

double post, bah.

The_Zeitgeist3032d ago

Yeah you added that in later. I read the whole article on your site. I never saw Spoilers ahead. Nice try. Your still a jerk.

BadOrcLeader3032d ago

There's no reason for me to argue with you, you seems to be incapable of having an intelligent discourse. After looking at it from the link given I realized I was wrong, that the article is open when you go to it. Nevertheless, it still has the warning. The only thing I've done since I've posted the original article is make it bold so that people will have an easier time at seeing it.

Just because you did not see it does not mean it did not exist.

In defense of my article, I did not actually spoil anything. The only thing I said refereed to a certain character "getting his", which says nothing other than something bad befalling that person. The game I was writing about is Red Dead Redemption, a game in which very little good luck befalls its characters. I put the warning there just in case.