Sony PlayStation Network 'premium' rumours continue

Kaz Hirai confirms that Sony's PlayStation Network will keep free elements but rumours abound of a premium service to follow.

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Blaze9292911d ago

Whatever it is, it's really hard to imagine what benefits and features they'll bring to the premium PSN since online play will forever remain free. Would have to be hella impressive and I would 'assume' cheaper than Xbox LIVE's $50/year fee.

I know if MS dropped multiplayer from GOLD features tomorrow, half if not more (including me) would cancel my subscription.

Derekvinyard132911d ago

i thought the same thing. what could sony possibly give us?

PirateThom2911d ago

Cloud storage and game download allowances/discounts are the big two for me.

Cloud storage for saves would pretty much confirm I'm paying it.

-Alpha2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

You guys are all right. Sony has to give us big incentive. Only reason people pay for Gold is because they want to play online. Sony is forced to keep online free because it's the better way to compete against MS.

Discounts will be great. I want to see:

-Weekly free avatars.
-Weekly free PSN card backgrounds (so instead of the plain colors you could have awesome glowing Helghast eyes in the background for example when friends scroll over your name).
-Weekly free Premium themes
-A "Deal Week" like XBL has for its games
-Demos for all games (the degradable demo rumors sound good-- but perhaps extend them to two hours before they degrade for Premium users)
-Cross Chat obviously
-Universal music, or at least a way to encourage devs to put it in
-Video capture would be absolutely awesome
-More Youtube uploading support, it's such an underused gem on the PS3
-Discounts on Movies
-Bring Netflix/Movies to Canada/other regions

The main issue with PSN is that it's not streamlined well enough and feels detached compared to LIVE. Sony needs to run ads, game spotlights, etc. and I would assume they'd give us a facelift for the XMB. Also, the rumored $120 a year for PSN Premium is just ridiculous. I am expecting it to be around $70 max. Hopefully Sony can offer a service that makes PSN integrated into the PS3 experience/XMB. Ease of use, accessibility, and a great new, slick, aesthetic design will go a long way for Sony.

heroicjanitor2911d ago

Yeah I'd pay if it gave me cross game chat and video capture. Actually even just video capture. That would be ridiculously useful.

sikbeta2911d ago

Pretty Much the Options Alpha gave in his comment but With a Big [emphasis] in Paying for Cross Game Chat or whatever it is...

I wanna see if those whiny kids on the PS-Blog + PS-Forums will like the idea of Paying for something they were crying for so long because other console got it first, DO IT SONY, make them PAY!!!! lol

AridSpider2911d ago

I think the better question is how much would you all pay for all that? How much would you pay for a service that already gives you multiplayer for free?

duplissi2911d ago

cloud storage for saves

more active consoles perhaps?

free rentals?

psn games?

google tv *crosses fingers*

better browser... chrome perhaps? considering google and sony are bffs.

better social network integration.. facebook (with chat) twitter myspace flickr from the xmb?

maybe a section like xbl indies for legal homebrew? *crosses fingers*

if they did stuff like that i would give them some of my greenbacks per month.

Hideo_Kojima2910d ago

they could give a lot of freebies like backgrounds etc and a few exclusive BETAs and Demos...

vhero2910d ago

@ Pirate Thom you hit the nail on the head for me Cloud storage is all I want. I will pay for it. Since th removal of memory cards the worst thing in nex gen gaming is losing your saves. If you can take away that fear I would pay a little extra each month no questions asked.

@Alpha-Male22 - I like some of those but some like youtube support its not like Sony are holding back with the youtube support its just devs are not bothering with it.

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playstation_clan2911d ago

when the ps3 premium comes out you better believe it will give live a run for its money.

end of story and i should be prepared to eat some disagrees by angry live users

-Alpha2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Have you seen Premium?

MS is much more experienced with the software side of things than Sony, especially when it comes to LIVE. They simply have more experience. If you think MS is going to lie down while Sony overtakes its most valuable asset to Xbox you are dead wrong. MS is bound to offer new content too. My problem with LIVE is that it needs to add more features at this point. LIVE is much more integrated, has more features, and feels fuller with the way they incorporate gaming (IGN weekly game tips, video tutorials, community rating systems, etc). But none of these are real justifications to pay for LIVE. MS recently got rid of the original Xbox to make XBL for 360 even stronger so it's best to reserve judgment. Sony has a lot more to prove when it comes to developing and embracing online than MS. I am sure Premium will be great-- it just has to be. But online integration is the weakest part of the Playstation Experience. The hardware is great, the games are rock solid, but the online is what needs the most work. This is no longer about PSN being better because it's free, this is now about PSN giving features that can appeal to the consumers who are interested in online integration. This is where the industry is headed after all and MS has lead it on consoles, and Steam has practically birthed digital distribution for PC gamers.

Yes, it's free, but it's evident people are willing to pay for a service that offers features like LIVE has. Sony realizes this. Sony is not a software company that has major expertise with online to my knowledge, especially compared to MS who we know has been part of online communications/entertainment for a long while. So again, just saying we should remain humble and reserve judgment until we see what the companies are going to do next.

Godmars2902911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Still, the best thing MS could do to combat PSN premium is the one they likely wont: give Silver accounts access to online services. Namely online gaming.

It already makes little sense why they're keeping Netflix and LastFM Gold only when not you have to pay for them, but you can get Netflix on both Wii and PS3. Imagine what happens if with premium, PSN gets other free streaming options with accompanying ad campaigns?

The only reason I think they're not talking about Grooveshark is that Sony's been aching to get a US version of Vidzone up.

-Alpha2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Godsmars, true.

This is why I think there will be a "Platinum" service. I think MS needs to revise their LIVE subscription system in light of Sony's Premium service.

One problem I have with LIVE is that going Gold only gives you ACCESS to things like Netflix, but you still have to pay separately for that. With a Platinum service perhaps they could include these bundles.

I just want Sony to incorporate what is being inputted in "Share Blog". They have an organized collection of what the gamers want and people could easily value PSN Premium if Sony delivers what gamers want instead of just adding random features nobody asked for like LastFM or Twitter or whatever.

I'd also like to add to my list:

-Twitter-like integration where I can get notifications when my friends get gold trophies, platinums, etc.
-Trophy integration/make it more streamlined. It's tucked away right now and nobody cares for it. Put it on the friends list when I scroll their names, give us leaderboards, give us notifications when friends get trophies, etc. It makes the system more competitive and fun
-Clan systems--- make the Text chats useful. Perhaps they can make it so that it runs as a forum on your XMB where people all around the world can create clan groups, etc.
-Or, alternatively, make the browser more useful and easier to use. Again, ease of use goes a long way

Philaroni2911d ago

@ Alpha.

I just noticed everything you and I talked about on chat the other day you more or less just repeated. I have taught you well.

Philaroni2911d ago

Too be honest he main problem is Sony it self. Unlike MS they are not the kind to reach out and ask for help on things and make those partnerships with other company's. They are doing better, but MS more or less is the king of partnerships. I am hopping that Sony and Google have stuff planed. Sony first time ever is letting a 3rd party OS on their Cell phones later this year (aka Andriod) and now we hear about Google TV on Sony Televisions. A Sony and Google collaboration on the PlayStation front would be huge. Be it on the PSP or PS3. I think something is going to be announced along these lines at E3.

JAMurida2911d ago

I agree a lot with what you guys are saying. IMO, just to keep it short, a great Premium service with the majority of things we would expect to make the PSN experience feel more connected along with revamp of the XMB features to integrate well with the new service would make a really nice line up that I would dive into.

Tbh, when it comes to Sony's conference, I'm looking more forward to hearing about this PSN+ service and Sony's future plans with PSN than the games coming out. I know Sony will have the games on lock as always, but I want to seem them focus on things they need to improve and online (PSN) being the first. It's pretty much like Alpha said, "PSN+ is going to be great...***it has to be***".

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thebudgetgamer2911d ago

if the features are cool i dont mind paying.

its the option to pay or not that i like.

FACTUAL evidence2911d ago

I won't get this if it's not including cloud storage. Otherwise it's just going to be XBL PSN style.

D4RkNIKON2911d ago

Could you imagine using the cloud to basically turn any internet connected PS3 into "your" PS3. With all of your downloaded games, saves, friends, everything. Accessing what would normally be on your HDD through a cloud that hosts it instead.

deadreckoning6662911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Great news

"But online integration is the weakest part of the Playstation Experience. The hardware is great, the games are rock solid, but the online is what needs the most work. Yes, it's free, but it's evident people are willing to pay for a service that offers features like LIVE has."

Exactly. I've said it before and ill say it again..I'm willing to pay to make my PSN experience better.

duplissi2910d ago

nah i disagree.

features? nope they are for the most part the same, but xbl is far more integrated into the xbox but i dont really think thats worth paying for really. i do but its only because i have to in order to play online, granted its not much... but it feels like extortion.

"Yes, it's free, but it's evident people are willing to pay for a service that offers features like LIVE has."

no i believe most people are paying to play and not for features. besides 90% of the services through gold are available to silver users albiet some are delayed. in the end you really are just paying for access to last fm, netflix (imagine if all netflix enabled boxes required a separete fee just to have access to it), facebook, online play. come on! all these features are free everywhere else!

saint_john_paul_ii2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

the only thing i wanna see from sony is have the balls to require devs to use the most recent features the PSN has to offer:

-Cross-Game Invites (like MW2)

-Presence Data (while looking at friends list, you see what they are playing, what mode of the game they are playing what map they are playing on, like MW2,LBP,SOCOM, etc.)

-Jump into a game with friends straight from the XMB

these two things by itself should of been standardized by now. but its not, and its one of the reasons why you see people complaining that PSN isnt like XBL, when we already know that these features are there.

Unlike MS, which has the balls to force these things on devs, Sony doesnt require them, and devs automically get lazy. its not right for the consumer. I dont want to go to a forum and ask a dev to add such features, when they wont. it has to be mandated if they want to develop on the PS3.

i hope that the rumors of a redesigned XMB and of course a PSN overhaul are true, although it looks like the PSN is going to get a overhaul.

Microsoft Xbox 3602911d ago

The thought of uploading gamesaves on a cloud based storage is awesome.

NYPunk882911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

PSN is cool now but definitely needs an update/overhaul.

XactGamer2910d ago

I don't mind a premium service for my PS3 if it's worth it like Live.

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graemed20052911d ago

Thats a great set of recommendations, i was thinking most of them just couldnt get them out lol. + bubz

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jjesso19932911d ago

well I would pay for say cloud storage maybe so many psn games a month or movies with a sub i dont know what else pay for. what I would not pay for is Cross game chat No need charge what so ever

Brklynty12911d ago

To the people saying PSN+ will give Live a run for its money, I think Sony's main purpose is not to compete with it but just to expand PSN. If Sony were trying compete with Live as in toe to toe, every Live feature would be on PSN, XGC, party invite, etc. I mean don't get me wrong at the same time I'm sure they're trying to lure players away from live for it, but that's not the main goal. But I'm only paying if its $70 MAX for a year. Its wat $5 more than a regular game?(Including the tax) why not at that price, but it has to have some freakin good ass features. I guess we'll see at E3.

Dlacy13g2911d ago

The rumor running is that PSN+ will run $9.99 a month. No way could I justify that for what is rumored to be included.

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