3D Create As Much Shovelware As Waggle?

Jon Lynch: "With the recent announcement that Sony plans on implementing new 3D options in re-releases of old titles, it looks like we’re about to take another innovation in technology and use it to hold ourselves back. If that sounds confusing or like somewhat of an oxymoron, it shouldn’t because we’ve already experienced the exact same thing with waggle and motion controls."

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vgn242971d ago

Of course it will. That's the direction gaming is going. Cheap production for overpriced games. Wii did it with motion and now PS3 will do it with 3D tacked on. BUT!!!! It's up to educated consumers to NOT buy the shovelware. Speak with your wallet. I mean when Uncharted 3 or somehting is built from the ground up with 3D, that will be awesome

PimpHandHappy2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

shovelware? your nuts if you think that... for one thing.. IN order do really do 3D most of us will need to spend LARGE money on a new TV
and 2nd... what games have we seen highlighted with this new 3D?!?!? I'll name 2... GT5 and KZ3!

all im saying is this... only REAL games will see 3D and Sony really doesn't do shovelware!!!! Im not saying they dont have a couple games you can call "shovelware" but for the most part Sony exclusives are dam solid

they also said with "new 3d capable Bravia" TV's and went on to list Super Stardust, Wipeout HD and Pain.. I played these games and maybe Pain is shovelware... the other 2 are great games... that was my point

@trapper Dan
please read what i wrote... i said REEEEEAL games and NOT shovelware will be used in 3D. I also pointed out 2 games that ARE NOT shovelware... you said this "Wii did it with motion and now PS3 will do it with 3D tacked on." Thats what i disagree with

BeaRye2971d ago

In the latest edition of Official PlayStation Magazine, Sony senior development manager Simon Benson said that the company plans to "retrofit" more existing games with stereoscopic 3D.

vgn242971d ago

You disagreed with me for saying Uncharted 3 in 3D will be awesome? Are you crazy?

vgchica2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Stupified at the blind idiocy of PHH. You never cease to amaze the masses by rambling and ranting nonsense.

The point isn't the TV or cost. It's the resources wasted on retro-fitting. Take an economics course genius .

PimpHandHappy2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

ok let me make this simple for ya because your comprehension skills are lacking

I responded because someone said 3D will bring shovelware like the waggle (Wii) did... Now you point out its about the COST of retro fitting and your point is right on two fronts... ONE IS NO ONE IS GOING TO BRING OUT CRAPPY PARTY GAMES WHEN THE COST IS EXTREME AND TWO IS THAT NO ONE IS GOING TO RETRO FIT CRAPPY GAMES... If they "retro fit" anything it will be a very small number of older games!!! THIS WAS ALL ABOUT SHOVLEWARE AND 3D AND IF YOU DIDNT GET THE POINT THEN GO SIT ON A D!CK

and btw DAN
Cheap production for overpriced games. I doubt making 3D games is going 2b cheap

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El Botto2970d ago

Games will be developed first and foremost for normal TV use. With the option to play it in 3D.

Get a clue.

360 dont have 3D. Your bitter tears taste so good.

ChickeyCantor2970d ago

" BUT!!!! It's up to educated consumers to NOT buy the shovelware. "

What may be shovelware to you may not be shovelware to others.
This got nothing to do with " education ". Its preference. So get off your high horse.

GunShotEddy2971d ago

Shovelware isn't new and will always be around.

tunaks12971d ago

all systems will and have shovelware

raztad2971d ago

Shovelware and 3D? that doesnt compute. Unless you call 3D the fake 3D using red and blue glases.

3D games will be in the AAA range. Shovelware specialist companies dont have AAA budgets.

PimpHandHappy2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

thats what i was saying

your pissing me off a bit... if a AAA game is brought out in 3D it is still a AAA game! If Uncharted 2 was brought out in 3D would it no longer be AAA?

since you like links here you go
not really CASUAL gaming target audience is it?

SpoonyRedMage2971d ago

I don't think 3D is that costly, you don't have to create any extra assets. The only increased cost is making sure it runs properly.

and Ubisoft have 3DS devkits, you can bet anything that they'll be Imaginez: 3D games.

sikbeta2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

WOW, people really are Against 3D, Hope all of them Open their minds ans Accept 3D, well the only important thing is that they'll enjoy 3D as much as Everyone else when it Becomes Mainstream....

raztad2971d ago


I dont know you but I was thinking about 3D on the PS3. You know HD stuff (or almost HD) not cheap tricks to fake 3D.

On the 3DS it's a given you will see a lot of shovelware. Speaking of which, should I remember that shovelware means low quality stuff on a budget? I dont see anyone working on a budget allocating money to make the shovelware 3D, well at least on the PS3, where to produce a so-so looking (in 2D!!) game require an important investment both in money and time. I cant imagine those devels walking the extra mile to have a 3D game.

ChickeyCantor2970d ago

If the PS3 would have had the success of the Wii, the shovelware would have been there.
Same happened to PS2.

And spoony is right, you dont really change any assets, its usually a render tech in the end. All they have to do is make it work without crashing.

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BattersUp2971d ago

What kind of idiot thinks adding 3D to an old AAA title makes it a 3D AAA title? Then slap it on PS2 games HandyHappy. LOL

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