The Mario Franchise as Lost

What do Nintendo's Mario series and Lost have in common? More than you might think.

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TheLancer3031d ago

It all makes sense now!

Danteh3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

What the fuck is the island? Why can't they have babies there? What was the cabin with Christian and Claire? Why doesn't Hurley lose a fucking pound in an island with only Dharma beers and rotten chocolate tablets? Why is Ben so ugly?

Oh man I wish there was a 7th season!

PS: I have superpowers, ma "fuckings" don't get censored ;)

Fucking epic video here, seriously

Sadie21003031d ago

Ha, I honestly thought this would be a stretch, but it's pretty good...pretty funny.

Gish3030d ago

That I lost interest after the first few experiences with them?

lost23030d ago

LOSTTTT!!! take me with youuuuuuuu!!!

acronkyoung3030d ago

Love it. Ridiculous associations make me laugh.

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