NowGamer: Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Pack Review

NowGamer reviews Infinity Ward's latest Modern Warfare 2 map pack Resurgence.

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playstation_clan3030d ago

who the **** reviews a map pack, an overpriced map pack to say the least

a 9/10, you do know the price of it right?

fastrez3030d ago

Argh this annoys me mate. I got a got extra 30-40 hours out of the Stimulus pack. Considering that most new release games are £40 RRP at launch and some only last 6-10 hours, I'd say this is a damn sweet deal. Fed up of hearing people moaning about the price of map packs.

-Alpha3030d ago

I think the thing with map packs isn't so much the price but how much gameplay you can get out of it. People like fastrez got 30-40 hours out of it. That seems justifiable, doesn't it?

The CoD4 map packs were $10 but I enjoyed them thoroughly.

The problem for me is that 5 maps for $15 is costly because it adds up: there are two map packs plus one more which total $45. That's expensive. But hardcore COD gamers will pay for it because they will get their money's worth.

For me, I am just mad that IW doesn't fix the issues with the game first. I know they have different teams for different things but it irks me that they can put DLC out so fast yet the fixes have taken forever.

Also, since I have this on the PS3 I'll just get it from a friend :)

fastrez3030d ago

I agree wholeheartedly mate. They do need to iron out the kinks, plus I'd really like to see some more Spec Ops missions. They're missing a trick by not releasing new, inventive ones.

cobraagent3029d ago

I don't think IW is trying to fix the issues with the game at all. Why would they "waste" their time making patches if they won't make any money by doing this? They don't care for the 17 million people who bought it, they care only for the money

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3029d ago

Yeah, why waste money fixing the game when millions of people will buy the maps regardless?

StanLee3029d ago

Sad thing is, the maps are all garbage. Some of the most poorly designed maps I've ever seen in a multiplayer FPS.

midgard2273029d ago

how does anyone justify 15$ for maps? especially the old maps? its not like they had to develop them, why didnt MW2 come with all the old maps aswell?

if little big planet 2 can port over 2 million lvls to the second game free at launch why cant activision have included all the old lvls for free or maybe 5 bucks since they are already made?