The Top 10 Scariest PSP Games

These game fright the shit out of you while playing at night under the blankets. So be prepared and don't forget the flashlight.

Check out the recent hand picked image selection of the Top 10 most scariest PSP games.

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Schneestern2731d ago

I know why I don't play such games at night. Really scary! ='D

N4GAddict2731d ago

Silent Hill Origins was great on the PSP.

vgchica2731d ago

That game was surprisingly good.

captain-obvious2730d ago

yah i played the PS2 port
great game TBH

BABY-JEDI2730d ago

I'm a big fan of Silent Hill especially 1 & 2, but I found Origins really :.( SAD & boring. Sorry.

portablegaming2731d ago

I want Resident Evil Portable!

hot4play2730d ago

Me too! I've been waiting for that game since it was announced last year at E3... :(

deno2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

a resident evil portable with zombies, please.

e-p-ayeaH2730d ago

lol ps1 classics are on the list that doesnt count! well i guess the best games for psp are ps1´s which is sad

portablegaming2730d ago

Well the number is very little and since you can buy them in the PSN Store it should count. ;)

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