Longer PSP battery length was all lies

After announcing the brand new slimline PSP at E3 one of the big bullet points that Sony hit on while trying to sell the redesign to the audience, both in attendance and worldwide, was that the new PSP's battery would last longer for gaming on the move.
However, it has now come to light that this information was more of a small white lie by the company, rather than actual fact.

If you have the battery from your original PSP put in the slimline, you'll be able to get 8-10 hours play, which is the number Sony touted at E3. However, the new PSP will come packed with a smaller battery, one that will only run for about 5 hours while gaming, which is a fair few hours less. Also, if you try and put the original battery in you PSP it won't fully fit in the slot and bulge out of the system, kinda like the same problem you will get if you put a GBA cart in the DS Lite.

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MannyHarlem1414164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

because who ever wrote this article happens to have a buch of Slim PSP at their disposal to gauge their average battery life..

I'll see for myself, thank you.

StarsCream4164d ago

The writer of this isnt too mathmatically adept.
If the old PSP with a larger sized battery lasts as long as the slim PSP with a slim battery, then one can conclude that the new PSP slim does in fact use less power.....

Omegasyde4164d ago

Bingo. Let alone this person is hating on something that isn't even out on the market yet.


" I hate the Microsoft touch table because the glare is great and require me to move my lamp or the table its self to a dark room"

And yes someone already stated that on a website(I forgot) despite it being a ways off from being out on the market.

Supa4164d ago

Phew, that's a relief! I'm glad the headline is false then. Makes more sense that it's more energy efficient and lasts a good while longer (twice as long on a low screen light setting?)

Vojkan4164d ago

Who ever wrote this is a MORON!

callofduty4164d ago

If this is true then all you need is an old psp battery and were good.
10h of battery with a little bulge in your hand, I can deal with that, can you?

dodgefate4164d ago

And the site got this info from....?

The new PSP isn't even out yet how do they know it doesn't last longer?

just cause it is smaller doesn't mean it can't last longer look at the ipod nano 30% smaller with more life an space of it, that is how technology works always trying to make everything smaller an better same with cell phones.

i Shank u4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

I remember reading the E3 press release when announced, and it was clearly stated that the battery life on the redesign PSP is almost doubled when an older PSP battery is used, not the new battery. I am a 21 year old jackass and even I could read the press release, i dont understand why this article was ever written. but then we all must remember to always consider the this case source is ( never heard of that site before

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The story is too old to be commented.