10 Reasons GTA: London Would Never Work

Ever since the release of Grand Theft Auto 3 people have been asking when the multi-million selling Rockstar North title will head to London.

However, there would be a lot of problems with London being the backdrop for one of the most expansive and controversial games of all time. And, yes, we know the original Grand Theft Auto had a London 1969 mission pack – but we’re talking new, not top-down GTA and modern-day London.

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siyrobbo3036d ago

Both GTA and The getaway has already done a similar sort of thing based on london, if GTA were to do it, it wouldn't be as fresh

Doc Sony3036d ago

Yeah I agree, having every GTA take place in Liberty City is a lot fresher.


Danteh3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

This list is retarded, London is my favourite city along with Barcelona, where I'm from; and I think a GTA London would work very well taking into acccount all the important historical places it has.

Plus I want to go to f!cking Picadilly and shoot those giant screens ;)

ReservoirDog3163036d ago

R* really is the most solid open world company like ever. They can make it fresh. Just imagine Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels as a game. Somewhere along that line I'd imagine GTA V would fall.

And I'd bet a million dollars GTA V will be in London. All the pieces are there if anyone cares to look. And I'll get it day 1.

hennessey863035d ago

because londons a giant shit hole i hate it more and more evry time i go

kancerkid3036d ago

I would rather see a GTA set in a tropical paradise. What is so appealling about London, besides the fact that it is just another big city?

Hideo_Kojima3036d ago

It splits well into 4 regions each with different gangster types.
Youth gangs always fight over their postcodes (it has become a trend for gangsters)

The river is pretty cool.

Lodes of green forests were you get stabbed if you go into at night.

Hideo_Kojima3035d ago

You better not come walking around my endz blud when am petrolling the streetz fam.

BYE3036d ago

GTA V should be set in a sunnier place like Rio or Cape Town, London is too gray and cold we already had this with Liberty City.

masterg3036d ago

I'd love to see a city like Johannesburg, South Africa.
One of the most dangerous cities in the world.
You have the rich and the poor (the slums). You have the wild life outside the city.

MrJack3035d ago

Lets rename this article to " Big London Hate bash"

Im a londoner Im offended by this article. A GTA London would be fantastic, a break from the series and I feel the change is needed to revitalize it, its becoming formulaic.

hennessey863035d ago

if they set in london i wont be buyin it id rather it be in manchester alot more interestin

BYE3035d ago

I don't get it, 99% of GTA fans are not offended because the game is not taking place in their city or village, why are Londoners? Don't be so selfish...

GTA V should be set in a city that makes sense for the series, London would be too big of a stretch.

Tomdc3035d ago

I think it could work.. but really wouldn't be to different to what they have already done.. I reckon going further afield like Dubai or Tokyo would be more interesting :)

On another note the guy that wrote this is one of the most cynical people I've ever come across!

Hideo_Kojima3035d ago

London is a lot more like the first island on San Andreas... I has a few tall buildings in the middle and the rest is just flat.

It is not like Liberty City.

PoSTedUP3035d ago

#1 liberty city GTAIII -------------> #4 liberty city re-done GTAIV
----------------------------- ------------------------------- --------------
#2 vice city ---------------> [#5] vice city re-done
#3 san andreas --------------> [#6] san andreas re-done

thats how i think they are going to do it. the name means nothing, GTA4 "liberty city" was excellent and huge, totally different from GTAIII

another Miami re-done, replicated.... yeah that would be sick.
then another LA.... in HD, next gen... cmon now, that would be something.

but then again, GTA does sell in the UK/ europe, so they might have to appeal to the fan base more over there and make a LONDON, that would make sense too!!!!

Prototype3035d ago

GTA London 1969

Already came out, next city please

MikeGdaGod3035d ago

i wanna see..... CHICAGO!!!!!

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USEYOURFIST3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

i get that your article was a joke but i enjoyed both getaway games and think gta london in modern day settings could be really good, just without the traffic, much like times square in gta 4

Cajun Chicken3036d ago

If it's in London, it can't be called London, if you get what I mean. Yes, I know GTA London existed, but London should have it's own equivalent of a fictional place based upon the place, like Liberty City (New York).

XactGamer3036d ago

London would be cool since I never been there I could go in a GTA game.

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