GameZone: Mytheon: Assault of Gaia iPhone review

GameZone's Louis Bedigian writes,

"Mytheon: Assault of Gaia is the kind of game that could have held my interest for life. Ever since Ninjatown arrived on the Nintendo DS in 2008, I have been determined to find a tower defense game of equal quality. But even those of a lesser quality can still be enjoyable, so long as the mechanics work and the battles are genuinely thought-provoking. "

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Azule612821d ago

Nice Review :) I Definitely won't be buying this iPhone game. Thanks for the heads up!

jzungre2821d ago

i don't see why you wouldn't just buy Plants vs. Zombies...

athmaus2821d ago

dont need this game...thx for the heads up

mistermostyn2821d ago

Given the generally solid reviews recent iPhone releases have gotten, I guess they can't all be winners, eh.

kimvidard2820d ago

well, I don't have an iPhone... So whatever, it's still good to know

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