The White Knight Chronicle - New Quests For June 3rd

PS3Attitude: This week in White Knight Chronicles four new quests are available at the Frass Chasm. Prepare yourself for a less than epic bug extermination mission.

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Chris3993034d ago

As good if not better than Greaver Hunt.

DigitalHorror813033d ago

Whoever called this game White Flop Chronicles is an idiot. The game at WORST is a 7, 7.5. I love it. I'd actually go as far as saying I like it better than...



Chris3993033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I've logged more hours into WKC than any game this gen. And I have a VERY short attention span :)

That's says a lot.

The SP is interesting if you like Japanese fantasy or anime, but is largely irrelevant. The item creation, community and MP are where it's at.

Send me a PM if you want to run around in game and I'll give you my PSN address.