OXM: Cancelled Xbox 360 Games We Want

Racers and shooters, remakes and sequels, realistic and surreal, there's a game to cover pretty much every gamer out there whether he wants to nip around Nurburgring or set attack dogs on people in the midst of a World War II themed multiplayer match.

Even so, that doesn't mean Xbox 360 hasn't had its fair share of cancelled titles. Frame City Killer was arguably the first high-profile victim but many other games have followed.

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Dr-ZOOM2820d ago

Haze? seriously... Lmao

Elveon was the only game on that list that interested me.

D4RkNIKON2820d ago

Yeah I don't know why Haze is up there.. I am a PS3 fan and I even find that laughable. I would say God of War 3, Killzone, LBP, Uncharted, Heavy Rain and ModNation Racers. Only because those are some of my favorites that I think other people would enjoy.

AliTheBrit192820d ago

Ah I remember when that game flopped, it was insanity

It was so hyped up, and I really thought it would be amazing

But then like a 5/10 score game in and the interwebs exploded xD

sikbeta2820d ago

lol Sorry, but Why-TF x360 owners would want Haze!?

Even if I love Timesplitters and Free Radical, Haze $UCK$!!!

table2820d ago

I thought haze was good fun, much better than Resistance 2. An instant classic had it been released back in the day.

vhero2820d ago

Haze would have sold like hot cakes on 360. Not on that it would have no doubt been rated a better game for being on the 360 as at the time most reviewers were very 360 biased so ps3 exclusives were slated horribly for just being exclusives unless they had a big name.

Dance2820d ago

you need to get out more

Elven62820d ago

Yes, the media was VERY biased against the PS3, that's why Uncharted, Resistance, etc scored as high as they did right?

Haze isn't a great game regardless of the platform(s) it could have came out on.

Fanb0y2820d ago

That was back then. Deal with it.

Huwmor2820d ago

Played through all of haze in one session. It was genuinely (accidentally) funny at times,but good? Not a chance. Ever!

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Urmomlol2820d ago

360 owners should be glad they didn't get Haze.

PRHB HYBRiiD2820d ago

i would love to see little big planet on xbox but that wont happen xD

playstation_clan2820d ago

not because of the developer standpoint but lbp gives free user created content and microsoft doenst give stuff like that free

vhero2820d ago

its not about giving it free but MS like to control EVERYTHING they share on Xbox live with LBP they could control it all that's why a game like LBP isn't possible on 360 and that's why you never saw mods for unreal tournament on 360. I honestly think MS should loosen the strings in this department a little I mean it couldn't hurt and it would boost sales massively.

gamerzBEreal172820d ago

lmao so true probably like 180 microsoft points every level

tommyth3cat2820d ago

Not sure what the Lord of the Rings game was supposed to be like but I know I would have liked to play it anyway.

dizzleK2820d ago

it was supposed to be an open world rpg like oblivion set in the lotr universe.

Calm Down Sunshine2820d ago

I wouldn't worry, this is on the way:

And it looks like it's going to be very similar.

ZombieNinjaPanda2820d ago

The Developers hyped up Haze so much, and let everyone down completely.

gamerzBEreal172820d ago

lol the dev hyped it up? dude the playstation fanboys hyped it up thinking they was going to get a great FPS aka "halo killer" (this was before killzone2 resistance2) so it was the ps3 fanboys the dev just made it sound good u cant blame them they wanted it to sell kinda the idea.

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