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Blur's an amazing Frankenstein of a game, sewing together the best bits of the Project Gotham series with the Mario Kart formula, the result a game that's completely unique. It's a credit to Bizarre that it's managed to maintain the successes of its component parts and build upon them in a meaningful way, adding in some compelling multiplayer and social play into what's already a potent mix. The premise might be familiar, but it's unlikely that you were expecting anything this good.

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josh143992970d ago

ive been playing the online demo and its an awesome game.

N4GAddict2970d ago

Yeah, the game is great.

raztad2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

This game looks interesting but it has been getting quite mixed reviews. From 6 to 9. Too bad there is no PS3 demo as of yet.

N4GAddict2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Great score for Blur. It definitely deserves a 9.

UnSelf2970d ago

*spits out soda* a 6?!?!?!?

oh a 9 sry, i was doing a handstand

J5Feedback2970d ago

This comment made my day. Thank you, Bubbles.

Dsnyder2970d ago

Charming but there bis no point for buble whoring anymore. 3 is the limit :).

Counter Strike2970d ago

indeed great game... bad sales :/

MasterChief36242970d ago

It honestly is creeping up to my "Favorite Racer Ever" spot. It's too bad a lot of people aren't paying attention to it.

Then again, I'd rather have a dedicated community of folks that plays the game online all the time, than have to deal with thousands of other random people that don't know when to shut their immature mouths.

HOSe2970d ago

i hope we see a deal of the day on amazon with this game! need it but $60 ahhhhhhhhhh

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