What to Expect From E3 2010

Gaming Target writes:

"The 2010 E3 Expo us less than two weeks away and the major players have begun to announce just what they plan to have on hand at the big show.

Below, you'll find a list of games that have been confirmed to appear at E3 2010. Several unconfirmed titles that we believe will be shown at E3 are also listed; they appear in RED."

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deadreckoning6662751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Can't wait for Mortal Kombat 9!!!

And WOW, there are more multiplatform games than M$, Sony, and Nintendo exclusives combined. E3 2010 looks to be a stunner for third-party developers.

Wrathman2751d ago

butt hurt sony fangirls and their yummy tears!

SwiderMan2751d ago

Wow. Sony's list looks more impressive than MS and Nintendo combined.

The Maxx2751d ago

Only because MS doesn't reveal their yearly line up till E3. This is pretty much considered common knowledge. I guess knowledge isn't all that common.

KillzoneFanboy2751d ago

You don't even know half of MS's games. Stupid Sony fanboys just never go away.

boysenberry2751d ago

Looks? It is! It only does better games! Sony will dominate E3 2010!!

turok2751d ago

correction: nintendo 3DS will dominate E3.

Fishy Fingers2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

"Several unconfirmed titles that we believe will be shown at E3 are also listed; they appear in RED."

Infamous 2 (PS3)
Killzone 3 (PS3)
The Last Guardian (PS3)
Final Fantasy XIV (PC, PS3) < (Shown at last years E3)

? Dude needs to follow the press a little closer.

KingJFS2751d ago

But Sony hasn't confirmed any of those games for E3 yet, well Killzone 3, sure. But the rest are unconfirmed FOR E3. And Infamous 2 is unconfirmed completely, though surely in the works.

Fishy Fingers2751d ago

Oh I see, you meant "for E3", I took it as confirmed in development. My bad then.

Oh and Infamous 2 is confirmed in development, the first details of which are coming in the next OPM (Portugal).

RXL2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

PS3 Dominating...Microsoft trying to show off natal...and Wii with Other M and ...well..


Fishy Fingers2751d ago

Bare in mind, this is only this guys best guess, who knows what MS/Sony/Nintendo or anyone else really have planned.

RXL2751d ago

very true...

either way..great games coming out across all systems..

KillzoneFanboy2751d ago

PS3 dominating what? Generic shooters?

Dsnyder2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Microsoft shooter game recycling
Nintendo casual bullshit.

EDIT:damn RXL beat me to it :/

KillzoneFanboy2751d ago

When can we expect Sony fanboys to go away?

unknownhero11232751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

fanboys(both sony and microsoft variety) will never go away, ever.

On topic: E3 will be great because of all the games coming out.

36T2751d ago

Typical response. Sony ain't dominating nothing. I think the showing of all three will be good this year. MS has a conference for Natal only and another for whatever else they have planned whereas Sony has one conference showing Move, the PSP2 (maybe?) and all their exclusives. MS must have something to show with all the time they have. Nintendo's gotta do something and i believe they will. Either way it should be a great E3!

Dsnyder2751d ago

Lol says the guy with "killzone" in his name.

Im just saying what I expect to be at e3. We all know sony has 2 games (LBP2 and Killzone 3) that will dominate alone but there are a lot of unknown games such as infamous 2, starhawk and resistance 3 that will show up at e3. Sony has the games covered and microsoft will probably show offf gears 3 and Reach (precictable) Wii will proably be boring like always (wii fit anyone?)

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