Gamekult: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker embodies one of the richest mobile titles released in recent months. In addition to passages stealth action as they are waiting, we also offer a lot of sides to exciting and addictive that will increase the life span in proportion to your curiosity. Capturing enemies, your database management, manufacturing and inventions of new weapons, management of mercenaries, the immense opportunities available to the player evoke the richness of a Pokémon. Achieving flamboyant does remember, however painful the first two hours are needed for the player to select and tame a very special handling, because the physical limitations of the console. The imbalance of difficulty found face bosses will also require the player to dig up some friends to play together if he does not feel frustrated to multiply missions annexes to improve his arsenal so Stakhanov. For the rest, it's all good. One of the games of the year on this machine, no doubt.

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GWAVE2816d ago

I've played the Japanese version, and this game is amazing. There is so much content and Kojima was not lying when he said there would be hundreds of hours of gameplay.