PS3 Hardware 'Refresh' Before Fall, says Analyst

Sony's PlayStation 3 has seen a ton of momentum since the launch of the slim model. Analysts have been very bullish on the console's sales projections, and Sony itself has reportedly been making improvements to the hardware's internal components, moving from a 65-nanometer GPU to a 40-nm design.

This effort to improve the PS3's hardware design will become much more widespread in the coming months, as Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian told IndustryGamers that he expects Sony to complete a "hardware refresh" before this fall.

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g0green3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

i wonder what it will be, n how will the devs be able to maximize the new hardware while still pushing whats out now?

-on a side note, keep the fanboyism down to a minimum n4g is running rampant with trolls of ps3 and xbox and its ruining the comment section

edit- thanks i misread i thought i was like N64's expandable memory pack thing, but its kinda what the 360 does with releasing more efficient consoles with better designed chip sets

SuperStrokey11233029d ago

Its not like that at all. By refresh they means things like new HDD, prehaps more USB ports and what not. There will be no more power, it will 100% match the old ps3s. ANything else would be the definition of stupidity.

sikbeta3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Totally, Like with the PS2 or maybe more HW revisions/Models...

MiamiACR3029d ago

Keep making more and more improvements to it, fantastic. Microsoft should take notes.

BeaArthur3029d ago

This is exactly why I don't understand why the console cycles are so short. I mean the PS2 went forever but everything else seemed to have a 5 to 7 year window. These things don't appear to be profitable until about year 3 to 5.

SuperStrokey11233029d ago

This Gen is different and one of the reasons its going to last so long is that so much money has been lost making the consoles. In the previous Gens money was much easier to make.

Captain Tuttle3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

The PS2 seems to be an exception...there's never been another console like it. I doubt the Wii will be around as long as the PS2 has been.

ZombieStalker3029d ago

The goal of the refresh is to reduce the production costs of each unit, nothing else. There will be no additional processing power in the newer units. You might see bundled games or a larger HDD, but the base unit and physical foot print will not change.

ExgamerLegends23029d ago

said it would be something new.

His source was (supposedly) a friend of his that works at EA. *Not holding breath*

pwnsause3029d ago

if anything, this refresh in hardware would be making chipsets smaller and cooler, possibly with more USB's like adding a USB port in the back, which would be really nice for those who have PS eyes. it would probably be bundled with Move.

here's hoping for full PS2 software emulation on the PS3. despite me having a 60gb PS3, i would like to buy a slim, if it just had PS2 software emulation. yes, i still play PS2 games, i love my classics...

Ju3029d ago

I am waiting for that USB in the back since forever. That's a very good idea.

They might even update HDMI to support 1.4 fully, or the WiFi to N, and maybe a new BD 2.0 standard. But that'll be it. As long as it costs the same or less.

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