How I Review Games

TheSixthAxis writes:
Reviewing video games is slightly different from reviewing any other entertainment media. There’s just more work that goes in to it and a greater cost at the end of it. Let’s think about it for a moment.

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CraigUK2970d ago

The guy who submitted this is the guy who wrote it. cool guy.

Urmomlol2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Seriously. Who gives a crap how this guy reviews games? Who's even heard of this web site before? You're not IGN or Gamespot --what makes you think you're any kind of authority?

Get off your soap box and thinking that your opinion actually matters.

Pennywise2970d ago

Read his next article on: "How I cut my steak".

1112223332970d ago

"Get off your soap box and thinking that your opinion actually matters."

Right back at you. Perhaps you should actually read the article.

Cenobia2970d ago

I think everyone has the right to post whatever they want. I mean you could have chosen not to click it...

And just because he isn't a "big name site" doesn't mean his opinion/website/whatever doesn't matter. I mean look at you, for example. You chose the name "Ur-mom-lol" but apparently you are a highly regarded gaming website critic....

Urmomlol2970d ago

Wow, look at that! Another Sixth Axis writer coming in to defend his buddy. Grow a pair of balls and take the criticism instead of sniping back at your readers like a petulant child.

You guys are a bad joke.

J5Feedback2970d ago

He's giving his perspective on reviewing games, that's all. I enjoyed the article, and thought it made some great points. As for his "opinion" actually mattering, look at it this way. I, for one, have "heard of this web site before" and read it on the regular. His opinion does matter to some people. Mucudadada is right, you are a hater. Believe me, I've written articles before and still do. It's nothing but a good laugh to see losers like you criticize someones work with invalid reasoning.

user94220772970d ago

He didn't ask you to read it, did he? Plus, just because it's not IGN or Gamespot, why does that mean you shouldn't read it? Some of these sites are better than the big ones out there, and I for one applaud the courage of sites like these posting stuff like this. The day IGN or Gamespot posts something like this, I'll jump off a cliff and fly for you.

Sound good?

Montrealien2970d ago

You got some serious issues Urmomlol. grow up maybe?

bjornbear2970d ago

immature. intolerant. pointless. attention seeking. obnoxious. butt hurt.

all those words define your two they define you too?

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Urmomlol2970d ago

Perhaps I spoke a little too hastily.

However, just as I was about to apologize, I noticed that a number of people defending this author are actually writers from The Sixth Axis.

How lame can you guys get? You write, readers criticize. I was criticizing, and it's lame as hell that your WRITERS would gang up on a READER just because I disagreed with you.

Might as well call up all your buddies and tell them to hop on N4G while you're at it. Shows a lot about how professional of a site you are.

You want people to take your opinions seriously? Then don't resort to this childish crap and either take criticism in stride or just ignore it.

1112223332970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I'm not a writer for TSA and I certainly don't speak for them and I'm also 99% sure that neither is anyone else that has disagreed with you.

Please don't make uneducated guesses and pass them off as fact. If you're going to make that claim, at least support it.

Nike2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Dial it down a notch or two. Seriously.

First of all, nobody's ganging up on you. You question this guy on the basis of "authority" and compare him to sites like Gamespot and IGN. Then you tell him to "get off your soap box and thinking your opinion really matters". Many people could say the same for you - what right, what authority, what kind of opinion do you have to be able to pass judgement on others?

It's his opinion, and if he brings up relevant points and makes interesting observations, it's useful for others. But no. Rather than being active minded and trying to create a suitable debate, you begin attacking other people, convinced they are writers from the same site. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't, but at least they're answering back in a reasonable way. Yet you call them out for acting "childish" and pretend that your tantrums are "criticism".

If you really want to "criticize", read the article and dig out relevant points for discussion. If you're not going to read the article, then how can you offer "criticism", as you call it?

Seriously. It's not like you're trolling but your behaviour makes you appear highly insecure. I'm not against you, because I've been guilty of trying to pick fights with sites myself, but for every flamebait site, there are sites with individuals (like Dualshockers) who are doing their earnest best to write about what they love. Even if they have to take the criticism that comes with it.

If you think you can do better than this guy, by all means, start your own site. But there's no point crying like a kid just because some one expressed their opinion related to something they love.

@Montrealien: Please don't. Trying to shut a guy like that up will just fill him with more rage towards said sites (once again, I've done it all first-hand, so I would know).

It's better if he understands himself just what these sites have to go through to compete with the big sites, and get their opinions about videogames out to readers while still getting by. It takes awhile but he'll either stop doing it and start talking smart or forget about them altogether.

Montrealien2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

lol, read through this guys comments, he is like a troll to small websites. He is clearly a rage filled broski who thinks his sh*t smells like roses. I am flagging all of his posts as immature.


10$ says he is on a personnal vendetta. They said no to his offers to freelance for them and now he hates them. Kinda like when his mom says he has to be home by 9pm, he screams and cris that she is a b*tch. kids these days, I tell ya.

J5Feedback2970d ago

I would love to know who writes for this website, and how you can tell. With an account name like 'Urmomlol', you must be the poster child for intelligence and maturity. I'm not affiliated with this website in any way, just don't declare someone's point of view erroneous because you feel otherwise. If it had a really bad factual error? Sure, comment. Blow the damn article to pieces, I don't care. Just remember that people write articles, at no cost to you, to inform you. Not so you can denounce it.

bjornbear2970d ago

but i do have to say ESS TEE EFF YOU

AND resort to childish crap? look at your 3 posts and think about that.

you damn kid

PS360_372970d ago

do you not like bubbles?

Cenobia2970d ago

Are you referring to me? I do not write for any gaming website, I just think it's incredibly annoying when people say things like in your comment. It is extremely negative for absolutely no reason. You could at least give the writer some constructive criticism, or a reason why you hate his guts.

In my opinion, people should be able to post whatever gaming related thing they want on N4G. If you don't like it, you don't have to click it and the temperature stays down.

UnSelf2970d ago

what kinda question is that?

how can u not like me?

like cmon

Montrealien2970d ago

I have to agree, Bubbles is pretty damn lovable.

PS360_372970d ago

i actually LOLed

I'm just kidding bubbles...I like you.

UnSelf2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

yay!!! bubbles for everybody!!!

i mean....not like that

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cobraagent2970d ago

I wish there were more reviewers like you.

Mucudadada2970d ago

I really enjoyed this article. I, myself, and new to reviewing games so this puts things into perspective. Thank you for posting it!

ikkokucrisis2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Hey, thanks for the lesson on how I should be reading reviews!

I'll be looking out for your article on "How Everyone Should Like You Now" too yea?!

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