Killzone 3 To Concentrate More On Helghan Conflict, Adds More Variety

So by now, you're likely to have seen the debut teaser trailer for Killzone 3, and our small analysis of course. But Guerrilla producer Aryeh Loeb is now giving his comments on the game.

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PhilipLarkin2999d ago

Good - they're the most interesting part of the game

mjolliffe2999d ago

And judging by Sev putting on that Helghast mask in the teaser is should get even more interesting :D

mantisimo2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I am so excited I'm polishing my own helmet.

This looks like it really could be the best fps out there and if there are more stealth type missions and a load of new and varied environments I will polish my helmet even faster!

@ lovesto below \/ Yes Polishing My Helmet!

Lovesto I just looked "fap" online. LOL bubble for ya I now know what its called I thought it was fish kissing.

lovestospoodge2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

polishing your own helmet?
where's that fap coming from?

sikbeta2999d ago

This Game is Going to be Awesome....

KZ3 = Day One

morganfell2999d ago

I was actually hoping for a campaign from the Helghan side. Not like a Colonel Hakka, but a full on, son of Visari assault troop take on matters.

gdblose2999d ago

I cant wait to play this game. But, I hope the multiplayer doesn't suck as bad as part 2. The online experince was just horrible in that game.

Killjoy30002999d ago

You must've sucked real bad.

KillerBBs2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I played the multi player for about 3 months. Not once could I get a sniper gun. I found that this game was not well balance. It took forever to level up... And you had players that could turn invisible or disguise them self. Higher ranking players had an huge advantage! COD you level up faster and there is not much more of an advantage to have a higher rank. I have no problem using a m4 instead of an m16. I can choose to snipe if I want but kill zone didn't give the individual an option. I was suck with a stupid medic class! So lame to be back stab by someone on the other team disguised as your team mate. My friend asked me.. "why you quit playing, you were good".... I told him "because I could get a sniper gun, and I was tired of being killed by some guy who could turn invisible.

You disagree? Hum, you must be right. I love this game it's so well balanced and you can choose to snipe at any rank.

mantisimo2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Will you 2 please get a room as you always reply to each others messages and say how great the others comments were. Hang on a minute, come to think of it I never saw you both together in the same room, could you actually be the sam..... nah that would be just stupid one person having 2 accounts and pretending to be totally different trolls, sorry people.

Bet I get 2 disagrees now but probably from the same IP address.

jcgamer2999d ago

MAN, that will be cool to disguise as the Helghast, the "enemy"...anyone who played the game knows why i put enemy in quotes...i hope they blur the line between "enemy" and "hero" even more...i've heard quite a few gamers say that they sympathized with the Helghast more than the see the war through the glaring orange eyes of the Helghast and their side of the conflict would be NICE


Inside_out2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

You need to email these guys at Guerrilla...I think having Sev join the Helghast in some capacity would be a head turner...who's invading who...pull an AVATAR type of plot twist...the humans are the terrorists...Gears of war has a similiar dynamic going on with the locust....

BTW...this game should launch this year...hire more people...October would be much hype and no game till March/April 2011?...This was the only game I really wanted this year for my PS3...maybe a big surprise at E3....

TotalPS3Fanboy2999d ago

If you want a PS3 that much, just go buy a PS3 Slim. It's really cheap now a day. On second thought, I think they're all sold out.

Anyway, would love to see Sev defect to the Helghast side, just so the player can kill Rico, then switch back 5 seconds later. LOL.

alphakennybody2999d ago

yes! more about the helghast please.

Figboy2999d ago

um, that's all i really had to say.

but yeah, the Helghast are a fascinating "enemy," and i'd love to see more of their story.

Killzone has such a rich, well thought out universe, that it begs to be explored more in the games.

i think it'd be kind of cool to create a 3rd person shooter like RPG (almost like Mass Effect, but minus the pretending it's an RPG, then pulling a bait and switch with the sequel), and really get into the nitty gritty of the Killzone universe.

the narrative of the first 3 Killzone games may be questionable, but the setting itself is awesome.

KongRudi2999d ago

You can only join the Helgahn - if you have 3D-TV and 3D-glasses (as simulated by the helmet)..
lol.. that might push some more people to buy 3D-tv's - the hatred for Rico, I mean.. :P

(It's a joke, I'm not expecting that will be it)..

SpaceSquirrel2999d ago

I might get a 3Dtv just for this game

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