Heavenly Sword: Above The Heavens

Details include:

- In depth look at Nariko
- More than 7,300 animations
- Game's first use of Dynamic Parallax mapping
- And talk about the SPU's usage in game

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timmyp534137d ago

Wow 7,300 animations ..the animations definately will not get old. Its gonna be so real .. i thought Uncharted was kool because it had like 3000 animations.

NoUseMerc4137d ago

I wonder what they will include in their features for HOME. We saw the Heavenly Sword t-shirt back at GDC. Perhaps you can carry the Heavenly Sword around with your HOME character for completing 100% of the game!

That would be cool!

techie4137d ago

Ninja Theory and ND use a very different animation system. As you should know ND have a layering animation system, meaning they can layer many animations on top of one another - this means that that number 3000 grows to an almost infinite amount (saying almost infinite is meaningless, but you know what I mean).

ND's goal is to reach a moment where you don't see the character do the same thing twice. Whereas NTheory, although have a similar goal, also want to make the best looking fighting moves going.


Dragonopolis4136d ago

Still impressive. Drake Uncharted - The 3000 animations is just Drake only not counting enemies on the screen. Not sure what the number of animation is for the enemies in Uncharted.

Both these games are going to blow us away.

GodofPeace4137d ago

HS will rock your Socks. the only thing similar about this game and GOW is that it starts off somewhat similar but other than that different games. Can't wait for this game.

LSDARBY4137d ago

Cant wait for the demo this week.

DiLeCtioN4137d ago

where did you hear this? isit coming out for sure? i just wanna anybody

Kleptic4137d ago

yeah the rumor was a demo before the end of that leaves this thursday...but who knows...they said the same thing about Lair back in June...never saw it...

BADBOYEK44137d ago

Is it true that this GAME do not use a jump button.

DiLeCtioN4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

Isit true that you're an xbot?
of course it has a jump button dummy...but we dont need you jumping in on ps3 threads

Cartesian3D4137d ago

I said :

its first time I cant wait for an ACTION game..

7300 animations!! thats why they work hard for many years ... Good job

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The story is too old to be commented.