FIFA Predicts the Winner of the 2010 World Cup

Besides having a very long title, 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa also wants to sell you on its fortune-telling abilities. The game has predicted that Spain will win the World Cup 3 - 1 against Brazil on July 11, thus saving you soccer fans a lot of waiting

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SasanovaS19872965d ago

i had spain winning it also...over brasil is a good pick too

4221852965d ago

I agree Spain will win the World Cup because they have a lot of Barcelona players. : )

ELite_Ghost2965d ago

yea but inter beat barca :S

Chelsea players u gotta b careful about em

Lampard, Drogba, Cole, Malouda, Anelka

Arsenals defence is pretty much France's
Gallas, Sagna Clichy

Im for the outsiders
France, Argentina, Germany

Fuck Spain and Brasil

4221852965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Did you see inter vs barca? inter had 11 man defending and barca still made 2 goals and had 1 disallowed unfairly in my opinion.
btw barca beat inter in the begging of the champions league so inter 1 win barca 2wins.

ELite_Ghost2964d ago

Yea I saw barca, very unfair, inter played like crap the 2nd game... Barca's "unfair" goal was offside but they coudn't scored...
I'm not an inter fan fuck those fag italians they're all sh1t, they better not make it far in the world cup