Gamersmint Review: Alan Wake – The Pinnacle of storytelling?

Gamersmint Writes : Five years ago, when Remedy showed Alan Wake at E3 2005, it was quite possibly, the best thing I had ever seen. Little did I know that I would have to wait five years to walk the streets of Bright Falls...Alan Wake’s main draw is its mindbending story that will keep you up at nights and draw you back into the game. It’s not for everybody, but those who adore the works of David Lynch and TV series like LOST, will find an extremely potent plot in Alan Wake. All you naysayers who believe that stories in games are weak and unimportant, once again I implore you to…STFU!

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Karooo2915d ago

with a brilliant story, sad it has been rated down by critics, but the game is truly a masterpiece.

GWAVE2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I actually thought - while the story did have its highlights - it wasn't all that revolutionary or "brilliant". Definitely not a masterpiece.

For the record, I didn't find Heavy Rain's story to be as "brilliant" as people claimed, either. But at least HR attempted new gameplay innovations.

@ below

Yes, it's fanboyish for me to have opinions and to have standards. Goodness...

I'm sorry to have offended your precious Alan Wake, since you took so much time to write a big paragraph about it.

cyborg2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )


Did you even play the game? The way the whole thing pans out, the feel, the script and everything else, Alan Wake would be def merit a place in the "brilliant story dept for sure". Any Remedy fans or heck even fans of well-made games would enjoy playing this. For once close your eyes to hype or the media and try it out yourself and give it some time. You will see how enticing it's world and gameplay is.

I would rate this far above Heavy Rain

I smell a fanboy in you...nuff said.

gryfindor12915d ago

Well I think it most definitely is one heck of s story. It gave me that shutter island vibe. I mean I remember being taken abakc by the ending of shutter island. This had the same impact. Well it depends on what you make of the story, considering the different things that could have happenned at the end. They dont answer all the questions and thats the beauty of it.

Heavy Rain cannot even be was a cheap story with loads of plot holes...the plot was very normal a B grade movie. also major bugs, I played 10 hours before i glitched a save file and I had to play the whole goddamn thing again. Proved the fact that Heavy Rain was a 0/10 on re playability.

I suggest you chk out some of the alan wake ending theories, you will be surprised.

Pillville2915d ago

"For once close your eyes to hype or the media"

You don't think that goes for Alan Wake also?
It's a great story, but nothing mind blowing game play wise. There's not a lot of depth to the combat and (unless you rented/borrowed) you just paid $60 for a 12 hour cliffhanger.

bobcostus2915d ago

As good as heavy rain was, it didn't innovate anything. Fahrenheit did. Heavy Rain was Fahrenheit with a new story, which happened to be excellent.

Sez 2915d ago

Not to knock what you feel about Alan wake or HR. But honestly in my opinion. The only thing HR innovated in is finding a new way in making people pay game prices ($65.) for a interactive movie. Nothing in HR shouted innovation. Maybe it's me. But I never find anything innovating about game filled with QTE. But that's just me

IdleLeeSiuLung2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I thought the game was brilliant! A little slow start, but it picks up and the ending was one freaken omg moment especially since I'm still wondering and thinking about what it all means.

The game play mechanics where pretty awesome as well especially how they laid out the levels... I also like the way Remedy split up the game into episodes. I can't wait for the two next DLCs!

For Heavy Rain, I haven't played it so I can't discuss the quality of the game, but I have been assured by my brother that it is a very good "game" and would work well in a group setting. With that said, from what I have seen it barely qualifies as a game and more as an interactive movie. Nothing wrong with that, and in some ways that is probably it's innovation in story telling, interactive movie telling!

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gryfindor12915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

@ pillville: Well I think I got my 60 dollars worth for the story alone....magnificently told...and the cliffhanger at the ending...I dont think you should be complaining. Some of the best movies of our time, have ended in cliffhangers. Like I said before, the possibilities hinted at the end of the game are numerous...loads of things that could have happenned...

SPOILER: I mean Thomas zane and his whole story...its funny how important that character is. The game should have been named Thomas Zane... : P

Anyways, about the gameplay, Its not as bad as you make it out to be. Yeah I agree its repetitive, but I didnt get bored....except maybe the last chapter where you have to drive all the way to the lake...i think that was kinda tedious...thought the part that followed more than made up for it.

@shovelface: Yeah dude I agree with you. Fahrenheit I thought was the innovator. Heck even though the supernatural ending messed it up, I still think that the initial 80% of the game was more intriguing than all of Heavy Rain...dont know why, I really was hyped for Heavy Rain, but the story just seemed to simple and cliched. Thing is it sold well, so hopefully David Cage makes a better game int he future. Fahrenheit 2 maybe :D

Pillville2915d ago

I liked the game and I'm looking forward to playing any other Alan Wake game/dlc, but it's a very over-hyped game. Well, over-hyped on everything except story/atmosphere.

It's hard to try to have conversations on this site because every criticism comes across as a fanboy rant. So, take my criticisms as a non-console-bias discussion.

PS360_372915d ago

Heavy Rain was really fun in the beginning, because you have never really experienced anything like it in games...but by the end, doing the same tutorial style task, like cooking an egg, really made it tedious. Especially when considering replay value.

With that said, after playing both, AW was way more entertaining for me.

gryfindor12915d ago

@pillville...your side note is so darn true man...cant love a game here and not expect to get flamed for it

Pillville2915d ago

you also can't criticize with out being called a troll.

cyborg2915d ago

Make no mistake, Alan Wake is a masterpiece, it's one of the few games which will leave you thinking long after you finish the game and if you put some time into it and collect all the manuscripts and savour the whole experience, Alan Wake is right there with the very best games ever made. Even after such a long dev cycle and so many hurdles, Remedy has done a remarkable job. Even the visuals for the most part are amazing, considering the engine was made 5 or so years ago that is another achievement in itself. They must have contantly updated it. I am really sad that such a game has not got the acclaim that it deserves but I am still hopeful that it will do very well.

nycredude2915d ago

Dude we get it you love the game. Stop trying to shove it down our throats. Sheesh it's just a game man.

Inside_out2915d ago

Alan wake is definitely one of the better games this it is perfect...It never ends...look at nydudette kid...he doesn't even have a 360 or AW but he wants to add his considerably ignorance to the discussion...

What Remedy has done has been largely ignored...Great graphics, game play
and story with a incredible presentation...Artsy games like AW should be commended, not attacked...I don't see M$ putting any more money behind a project like this again...It's been reported/rumored that AW cost 30+ million to make...

I think if they had included a Horde/firefight co-op type of game play element, the game would of been a hit...XBL is a huge part of 360...ignoring it was a big mistake...Imagine playing against/with your friends in a defend type of the AWESOME Anderson farm level...people would of loved that...

Regardless...great score for a great game....

Dread2915d ago

I agree Cyborg

the game is a masterpiece and it needs to be said. If people keep listening to all the playstation extremists they will miss out on perhaps the best game of the year.
Its a pitty that for some reason the fact that the game took so long to develop has affected its rating. I mean who cares, if the game is good its good regardless of how long its been in development.

Lets see if any of you playstation extremist will critizise gran Tourismo 5 when (if) it comes out. How long has that game been in development?

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Gish2915d ago

For the love of god... I have a computer service business in which yesterday I was working on a womans laptop at her home. Her son and his friend were playing this and I had to sit there listening to the first 30 minutes of the game since they were in the same room. I kept humming to myself or whatever i could to not here everything, but sadly only so much I could do. Hopefully what I heard doesnt take much impact out of the story as i havent played it yet.

GameOn2915d ago

The twisted story makes it pretty hard to spoil.

MeatAbstract2915d ago

Just completed this today. I wouldn't call it 'the pinnacle of storytelling', the story is good enough to see through to the end but it was nothing amazing. An enjoyable game though.

Urmomlol2915d ago

Pinnacle my ass. the writing was absolute garbage.

NeoBasch2915d ago

lol, Alan Wake has an actual, you know, competent story. Unlike most games I might add. For once, the writer didn't treat us like dumb a$$es. I like the approach Sam Lake's taking: serial dramas FTW! I can see this as Season 1, and the inevitable Alan Wake 2 as Season 2. Alan Wake is full of potential.

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