Ubisoft teases new Assassin's Creed Project

Ubisoft has posted a mysterious image from the Assassin's Creed franchise. There are no details about the picture yet but it's worth to see. (Source translated with Google Translator).

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GWAVE2726d ago

Didn't AC2 lose something like 2 million bucks? I'm not saying it was a bad game, but I think it was a commercial flop. Why make a third game?

N4GAddict2726d ago

I doubt they are losing money. AC sells a lot.

thematrix12982726d ago

Agree AC hasn't let me down yet. Great single player experience.

Eamon2726d ago

You must have read it wrong mate. Ubisoft made sure to tell the world how successful the AC franchise has been.

I guess that's why they are releasing a sequel this early.

morganfell2726d ago

Ubisoft has already commented that the images are not from a new project, just artwork. How did this get approved?

Cpt_Yanni2726d ago

There are no official sources that confirm that. Only CVG says this ...

SasanovaS19872726d ago

SPOILER: look away

end of AC2, its mentioned the third installment would feature the real world, in real time, a hunt for pyramids that are the key to saving the planet...and this screenshot says alot

SOAD2726d ago

It sold damn near 10 million copies. There's no way it flopped.

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Cpt_Yanni2726d ago

Because they said from the beginning it's an trilogy, however Assassin's Creed Brotherhood isn't the 'Asassin's Creed 3' so I think that they didn't lose a lot of money ;)

N4GAddict2726d ago

I think Creed 3 will be next year

extermin8or2726d ago

Ubisof as a whole made a loss however AC2 has sold over 9million copies if they made a loss on that... then god knows what they spent it on? they didnt even have to recreate the game engine it was still there from the 1st game, I cant wait for the next games!

mikepmcc2726d ago

This looks awesome...think I just crapped my pants. Great choice for a setting! Although I think somewhere in Japan would have been even better, Egypt is cool too.

Dying_clown2726d ago

god, can't wait for a new AC to come put.

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