The Games 3D Was Made For

NowGamer: Like it or not, 3D gaming is coming. Here are the games that would showcase the technology best…

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jimmins2785d ago

The title of this article is 'Games 3D was made for' not 'Games Made for 3D'. Can't belive you have to have that difference explained to you. This isn't a list of future games using 3D - that would be pointless. Go back to school.

TotalPS3Fanboy2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

the list article failed.

What I said was that Killzone 3 is not on that list, which in fact, is true, given the nature of the article. I then said the article failed, which has nothing to do with the title of the article, but with the games listed in the article. Of course I don't agree with the games listed in the article. But that's just my opinion. I can't believe I have to explain those statements to you. Go back to your country.

Alcon Caper2785d ago

What a waste of a first post. Get the hell out.

SpoonyRedMage2785d ago

Why is this only listed for PC, PS3 and 360 when one of the games is a Nintendo franchise and Nintendo is releasing the 3DS.

Saying that I think Nintendo will make a Star Fox for the 3DS and if not it'll be interesting to see what Shin'en come up with.

N4GAddict2785d ago

Star Fox and F-Zero would be great for 3D

Pandamobile2785d ago

I've played Gears of War in 3D (PC obviously) and it was pretty amazing. Burnout: Paradise was great as well.

Left 4 Dead is surprisingly good in 3D. Any game with lots of particle effects and flying debris is an eyegasm.

N4GAddict2785d ago

Racing and first-person shooters should transition well into 3D.

Pandamobile2785d ago

Any third person shooter works fantastically as well. I was playing throught the first campaign in Left 4 Dead with the thirdpersonshoulder command enabled to give a 3rd person Resident Evil style camera. T'was aweosme.

I can't take screenshots in 3D, otherwise I'd show them off :(

Saryk2785d ago

Any place out there to give a demo of the 3d tech. I hate to blow my cash on something that might come and go like the 3DO.

Seriously, I have 4 gaming computers, so kind of expensive to buy everything needed.

catch2785d ago

You have 4 gaming computers and are concerned about blowing your cash? Am I missing something here?

xg-ei8ht2785d ago


Have you tried fear, cannot remember if it was supported, old game etc, but debris wise, was awesome.

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