Red Dead Redemption Title Update due soon

Rockstar has announced that a title update for the chart topping game will be released soon.

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samoon3029d ago

Been waiting for a while on this, lots of freezing and glitches I've faced so far, but the game is absolutely amazing nonetheless.!!

BeaArthur3029d ago

I still have occasional multiplayer disconnects so hopefully this will address that.

dachiefsman3028d ago

I totally agree. I have no problems with Multiplayer in any other game. I have been frustrated by the disconnects as well.

mrv3213029d ago

If you have RDR then Giantbomb is having a Thursday night throw-down.

Figboy3028d ago

i have the PS3 version, and i've invested roughly 30+ hours into the game, and i've only run into framerate issues ONCE, and the game only froze on me ONCE.


i'm pretty sure that the people experiencing the framerate/freeze issues are 100% experiencing those issues, but i'm just really surprised that my experience has been so smooth. i played the game practically non-stop since i got it.

could it be people's consoles are being worked too hard? i most certainly run my PS3 a lot, but i try to keep it clean and well ventilated. same thing with my 360, although i don't play it nearly as much as i do my PS3. both have been performing impeccably for me, though.

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