MAG Patch v1.06 Release Date

Last week, we revealed a large portion of what you can expect in our forthcoming MAG patch, version 1.06. What we didn’t tell you, though, was when you could expect to download it – that bit of info we’ve saved for today.

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DA_SHREDDER2731d ago

Nice man, Im really excited for this.

woolley2731d ago

And the best part is is that the full list of changes for 1.06 isn't out yet. The list released last week was most of the patch but not all.

MGRogue20172731d ago

I guess I'll be booting up my copy of the game on that day then.. Check it out to see what's up. :D

tda-danny2731d ago

Totally off topic, but nice avatar. Just bought some Evo5's for my speed3. They look great!

nnotdead2731d ago

great!!! hope this means i'll be able to get some Dom and Aqu games in from the increase player counts. Sab is fun and all, but i really enjoyed the larger games a lot more. i mean =, isn't that why we all bought the game?

KillzoneFanboy2731d ago

When I are they going to release a patch that removes the generic?

thief2731d ago

The last few messages from "KillzoneFanboy"
GeoW3 article: Best looking game at E3. The 360 is really showing itself as the best console.
Article on E3: "When can we expect Sony fanboys to go away? "
KZ3 article: "Looks generic."

Luthiens12731d ago

Very nice zipper, tightening up the great gameplay. Hope too hear new map announcements soon! Night levels like shown in the bonus art would be awesome! Thanks for the regulaur updates as well.

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