Achievements, Trophies and Nintendo

Ryan W. of RoboAwesome examines the Nintendo and it's lack of achievments - "Ask Nintendo why Wii doesn’t have some form of an achievement system and they’ll tell you that their players don’t want one."

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tunaks12995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Finishing the game is the only achievement I need.

phantomexe2995d ago

> > Love nintendo but tropys add replay to a game not hurt it. I don't see nintendo ever doing anything like this tho. Why because nintendo has alwasy been slow to change. Like nintendo and online they can say there online and i guess you, in a way can say they are but we all know we mean online gameing as in co-op.

BakedGoods2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Nintendo's an incredibly creative developer, but not necessarily an an innovative one when it comes to Western audiences. Achievements and trophies haven't caught on in Japan like they have here. It's our ADD-constant-reward culture. Not to mention gaming achievements aren't really for the casual gamer--Nintendo's main demographic.

Ditto with Nintendo and online. In Japan it's probably more popular to split-screen or LAN considering how close everyone lives together. Here we're all about online and competition--Nintendo hasn't figured that out yet.

browngamer42995d ago

uummm-who gives a shit about achievements..i rember a time when a game was good enough on it's own need to artifically give a game replay value-thank yu nintendo for making yur games good enough in the first place!

Rumb13stiltzkin2995d ago

You should be replaying a game simply because it's fun to play. Achievements and trophies mean that developers don't have to really try to challenge you as long as you get rewarded for repetition.

phantomexe2995d ago

Thats far from the truth in fact we get to enjoy those great games plus earn something extra. Its like geting metroid prime 3 with everthing plus alittle something extra. There nothing wrong about it and it takes nothing from the game itself. I wouldn't play Deca sports 6 times just because it had tropys but something like the conduit or metroid o ya thats replay value plus a great game.

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